Tarek Fatah

Who was born in Pakistan, was a citizen of Canada, and was Indian from the heart, those Tarek Fatah passed away yesterday. It is true that his physical body has been absorbed back into nature, for sure his soul rests in peace in the lotus feet of the almighty, but he is still alive in the thoughts of many thinkers and in the emotions of Indians. Tarak Fatah may have died but he will remain in our hearts. The Fighting force “Tarak Fatah” was a rational Muslim, who never fears in putting the right statements in public. Many Public Figures mourned his death.

What others say about Tarek Fatah

Natasha Fatah, his daughter yesterday confirmed the news and shook the entire globe. She said:

May God give him the strength to stay strong and tough.

The Shehzad Poonawala, who is another rational thinker and BJP spokes person called him his friend and tweeted

Subuhi Khan who sees Tarek Fatah as a mentor said the torch of revolution has not been extinguished but the torch will spread fastly.

Remembering Tarek Fatah, Rizwan Ahmed said he was a great fighter and still living our hearts

Puneet Sahani too tweeted

Tarek Fatah was a rational thinker. He propagated living life on one’s own terms. His full life was devoted to Balochistan and Sindhudesh movement. May his soul rest in peace and condolences to his family to stay strong in the tough situation.


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