Egypt Mosque Attack is the deadliest terrorist attack in the North African country. 235 families destroyed. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters.

At least 200 people were killed in a bomb blast in a mosque and at least 200 people were killed in firing on Friday in northern Egypt’s Sinai province. The British newspaper Guardian quoted official sources as saying that at least 125 people have been injured in this attack. Meanwhile, shortly after the attack, Egyptian President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi has held an emergency meeting on security issues after this Egypt Mosque Attack.

This attack took place on the Al Rawda Mosque of Al Arsh. It is said that when people were praying in the mosque, during that time there was a big bomb blast. According to police, after the blast, four cars started firing on the people present here. So far no organization has taken responsibility for this attack.

Conditionsbefore Egypt Mosque Attack

A few weeks ago, terrorists in Sinai attacked a large terrorist attack on Egyptian soldiers, in which dozens of civilians including some soldiers were killed. This area of Egypt is struggling with annual Islamic terrorism. After the removal of then President Mohamed Morsi four years ago, the attacks of terrorists in Sinai have increased a lot. Terrorists target most security forces here. Although there are Egyptian citizens and tourists on their mark.

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Egypt Mosque Attack -Whom Government is blaming?

Since the withdrawal of Muslim Brotherhood leader and President Mohammed Morsi in 2013, the government is fighting with Islamic fundamentalists in northern Sinai. Day attacks occur on the Sinai Peninsula. The government blames the militants for it. But this is the first case when such a big attack has been done.
No terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack. However, the responsibility of the earlier attacks in northern Sinai has been taking the Islamic State.

Humanity vs terrorism should be the major constraint of United nation organization.


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