From the day of the announcement of Madhuri Dixit signing a Marathi Film, people on social media are getting crazy. A month back Dhak dhak diva on twitter said

Further, She said to a media house about her debut Marathi film“It is a story of every household yet it has a silver lining. It not only gives you hope and inspiration but also encourages you to live life in the true sense. The fascinating factor for me to choose it is that it is going to carve a niche in everyone’s heart.”

But Social Media Fans of the diva Madhuri are tensed because they have been waiting to see Madhuri on the big screen since Gulaab Gang in 2014. Though she has signed her first Marathi film, her fans who are not Marathi are not able to go to theatres to watch her film that will be released in 2018. The film is still unnamed and

Mr. Tejas Vijay Deoskar is writing the script and will be directing this Madhuri Dixit featured film.

Check what are they tweeting –

But Director of the Film Mr. Tejas Vijay Deoskar assuring subtitles

Another Fan thanked

Very few stars like Madhuri Dixit have such kind of power that not only give a motivation to the director but it becomes a challenge for him.

Deoskar is a proud citizen of Nagpur and an architect by education. He was a part of a college band during his days in Priyadarshani College and always aspired to be a singer. But later, he realized that this is not his cup of tea and now has made his strong presence in the industry with films like ‘Prem Sutra’ and ‘Ajinkya’. Madhuri Dixit on other hand is a powerhouse of talent because she is superb actress, a brilliant dancer, an amazing action hero, recently an International singer (Also ReadBollywood’s biggest female superstar Madhuri is a Great Singer too), and now a biker in her upcoming Movie. She was a winner and always will be a winner. A current lot of actresses need to learn a lot from her.

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