99 Pakistani nationals have been sitting outside the Attari border for 71 days waiting to return to Pakistan.

Waiting to return to Pakistan, a Pakistani Hindu woman on the Attari border named her child born here as Border. This woman is part of the group of 99 Pakistani nationals who are sitting in the night shelter outside the Attari border. These are the same people who came before the lockdown in India to meet their relatives and visit religious places.

A Pakistani Hindu woman living in a night shelter outside the Attari border, waiting to return home, has given birth to a child. During this, the people around the marginal village Attari provided medical facilities to this woman, but also helped her in every way. It is worth noting that before the lockdown was imposed in India, 99 Pakistani nationals who came to India to meet their relatives and visit religious places are still stuck here.

These include the elderly, women and children. Due to some technical flaw, they are not able to return to their homeland from India. About 71 days ago, these Pakistani citizens had reached the Attari border from other states of India including Rajasthan to return home. Because they do not have permission to return to Pakistan by Attari border road, then Pak Rangers refused to take them.


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