Seeing our today’s first report by Zee Media group, many secular people of India will be angry with us. Because we are going to hold many bitter truths in front of them. Today we will expose the stories seen from the spectacles of religion. There is a debate over Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar in the whole country and in the world for the past nearly a month. The so-called secular and secular people of the whole world are arguing that Rohingya Muslims are being tortured by the Rohingya Muslims in Burma, and the government is silent. The issue is being questioned by the government of Myanmar about this issue.

In India, too many tears are being shed for Rohingya Muslims. Rohingya Muslims is an issue through which every political party wants to strengthen its vote bank. From West Bengal to Delhi, there are many such leaders who do not want to give up this issue with their hands. But for these people, we have some pictures today.

These pictures are from the Rohingya people, they have also been dispersed from Myanmar’s same reserved territory, from which Rohingya Muslims were escaped. They were also abused, their close relatives were murdered and small children were orphaned. The only difference is that they are Hindus and these tortures have been done by the Rohingya Muslims, not by the government of Myanmar or the army there. These are the ill-fated Hindus in the custody, which have been tortured by terrorists of Myanmar’s terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. The villages of these Hindu villages have been burnt and buried and buried in the ground.

Myanmar’s army received a graveyard in the laid down Out of which 45 bodies of Hindus have been taken away. There is news of the disappearance of more than 1 thousand Hindus from this area. The army of Myanmar also alleged that these Hindus were murdered by Rohingya Muslims. And ARSA is also involved in the murder of the terrorist organization. Many children and women are also involved in the death. The Hindu families who managed to escape after the attack, have been kept in refugee camps.

Zee News correspondent Manish Shukla is in the Raiden area of Myanmar this time and Rohingya is reporting on the pain of Hindus. He has put a new facet of this whole issue in front of the world by visiting the refugee camps. In these camps, there are no one-two or ten-twenty Hindu families, but entire 680 Hindu families … who has managed to save their lives in some way? Someone lost their son, someone lost their husbands .. Then the women of somebody’s house took the terrorists with them.

There are many such areas in the laid down, from which the entire population of Hindus has been abolished. Thousands of Hindus are fleeing from these areas, but the world is showing only the pain of Rohingya Muslims. That is, in a single area … There is a selective reporting of atrocities on humans .. and the whole issue has become a religious division. But today we will keep the complete truth of the atrocities on Rohingya people in front of you. We want you to carefully look at our sensitive reporting and take the glasses of religion and feel the pain of these people.

These reports tell us that the condition of Hindus in Myanmar’s that province is very poor. And they are being oppressed. In such a situation, these people to expect the Government of India too. They have full faith that the Government of India will help them. Here you should also know what is the situation of Hindus in Myanmar? According to the 2014 census, there are around 2.5 million Hindus in Myanmar, which is half a percent of the total population there. While there are about 11.5 million Muslims living in Myanmar, which is 4.3% of Myanmar’s total population. Now you tell about the terrorist organization that attacked these Hindus.

The name of this terrorist organization is Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army ie ARSA, which is active in the Burmese province of Myanmar. This organization attacked the 24 camps of police on August 25 this year. In this attack, 71 people were killed. In which the police were involved and after the attack, Myanmar’s army took action against the terrorists involved in this terrorist organization. After the attack, the government of Myanmar has banned this ARSA. The name of this organization’s donor is Ata Ullah. Ata Ullah is a Rohingya Muslim who was born in Karachi in Pakistan and grew up in Mecca. And now this terrorist organization is attacking the Buddhists of Myanmar along with the Hindus as well.

People who argue to give Rohingya Muslims shelter in India often question their human rights. Do we want to ask such people that will human rights also be seen with the eye of religion? Because human rights were also of these Hindus, who were killed by a terrorist organization and Rohingya Muslims. The champions of secularism do not raise the question that what was the fault of the Hindus who were sent to the tomb in Myanmar? And why are they being tortured?

Many of our country’s Kashmiri Pandits have passed through their childhood, youth and old age .. relief camps … yet they never got the courage to return to their burnt houses. This thing never sticks to the so-called secular people of our country … and this is happening in the case of Hindus too.


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