Dussehra and Durga Puja is revered as the most important festival of Hindus because both the festivals fall on the same day and both propagate the victory of goodness, righteousness, and truth over evil and its powers. But one region in the city beautiful didn’t celebrate it. The city people, the committee were feeling extremely bad for the reason.

“Navyug Ramlila and Dusshera Committee” is one of the most famous Ramlila and Dusshera events in the city that attracts almost more than 10,000 people every year. It is held in sector 7, Chandigarh every year. Today all were feeling bad because Committee was not able to get permission for celebrations. The committee claims that we were visiting, again and again, to the administration for the permission from last 30 days. Actually, on the very ground, they were celebrating has now been counted among the green belts. For the solution, the committee has asked them to give the permission. Councillor Mr. M.S. Sidhu said that MC was willing to give them permission for a day in return to re-stabilize the condition of the ground to which committee refused as they want permanent approval. By the time, the court also disagreed to give approval but agreed on the ground where they were holding “Ramlila”, Also they got the approval insurance letter from “Sub-Divisional Magistrate”. But due to non-feasibility of the Ramlila ground, a resident complained to not to burn the “Ravana” statue which was almost 40 meter away from his house. Since SHO alarmed them they would file FIR if they burn the effigies so the committee had taken off them. Chandigarh Administration at last moment gave permission and by the time, committee members had already taken off the effigy that resulted in fragmentation of effigy. Committee says if the Ramlila ground is not feasible then how could they give permission on 5:00 PM. So the committee claiming it to be clear politics.

Thereafter to do “Shagun”, they burnt three sticks and sang devotional songs in a praise to Lord Rama. In a protest against Chandigarh administration, the audience, and committee flamed candles.


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