Top 10 Debate spokespersons known for trolling opposition

Every TV News channels host many debate shows. In the show, they call many spokespersons from various parties to debate on particular topics. The Debate Spokespersons show their debating skills. After critical analysis here are the top 10 debate spokespersons known for trolling their opposition.

1. Sudhanshu Trivedi – The Knowledge Giant

Sudhansu Trivedi - The Knowledge Giant

A debater who can force a challenger to put his finger on his lips through his ultimate knowledge is Sudhanshu Trivedi. Known for his historical, cultural, political, and religious knowledge along with his best orating skills, Sudhanshu Trivedi rarely loses his temper during the debate. He studied Mechanical Engineering and holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Member of Parliament from the Upper House of Rajya Sabha. Trivedi is the Senior National Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party

2. Tarak Fateh – A Pioneer in the true sense

Tarak Fateh - A Pioneer in the true sense

A person who inspires many rational Muslims worldwide is Tarak Fateh. Born in Pakistan, and a citizen of Canada, was very popular in India because as per him he was an Indian from the heart. He was known for speaking rationally in debates. His knowledge of History and International politics was amazing. He was one of the key revolutionaries in putting the Baloch Movement in the International forums. He died recently on April 24, 2023, and was holding a degree in Bio-Chemistry.

3. Sambit Patra – The Troll Master

Sambit Patra is a famous name on social media because he is very much spontaneous in replying back. His specialty is to make his challenger taste his or her own medicine. He is a clever speaker and can make anyone quiet with his slang. He is highly educated and holds a degree in MBBS, and MS in General Surgery.

4. J Sai Deepak – A Hindu Motivational Speaker

J Sai Deepak - A Hindu Motivational Speaker

A Known live debater, the book author of the highest-selling books called “Bharat” and “India, Bharat and Pakistan”. He is an engineer turned litigator, practicing as an arguing counsel primarily before the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. His pro-Hindu statements with logic and in-depth philosophy regarding Hinduism are social media sensations nowadays. He shut up many pseudo-liberals mouths who find opportunities in bad-mouthing Hinduism.

5. Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed – The Laughing Debater

Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed - The Laughing Debater

His laughter has irritated many Islamic scholars but he is a favorite on social media, especially YouTube Shorts for trolling. Dr. Syed Rizwan Ahmed is a socio-religious-legal-political-commentator. His debates are entertaining but he is popular among Hindu Nationalists because of his controversial remarks on Islam and supporting Hinduism. Though Muslims call him irrelevant.

6. Shehzad Poonawalla – The master blaster of debates

Shehzad Poonawalla - The master blaster of debates

Shehzad Poonawalla is a master blaster of debates. The handsome stormer of words “Shehzad Poonawalla”, is another high-pitched national spokesperson from BJP. His major skill is that he is a multi-linguistic speaker. He is a graduate of Law from the University of Pune. As per Him, his religion is Islam, his cultural identity is Hinduism while at the core he is Bhartiya.

7. Supriya Shrinate – The Iron Lady of Debates

Supriya Shrinate - The Iron Lady of Debates

Whether you Love her or Hate her, she is on top of a league of her own and that league is no can oppress this woman in debate. She is the queen of making news headlines by using strong words. She is the National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress and a former TV News Anchor. She is being supported by many social media users. She graduated with a Master of Arts in History from the University of Delhi.

8. Major Gaurav Arya – The Best Speaker on Defense Politics

Major Gaurav Arya - The Best Speaker on Defense Politics

Major Gaurav Arya is a known face in both India and Pakistan. He has shut down the mouths of many Pakistani spokespersons in heated debates. He shouts like a lion, teaches like a mentor, and speaks with full of facts. Major Gaurav Arya has done BA (Hons) in History and MBA in Marketing & Sales.

9. Raghav Chadha – The Polite and Assertive Debater

Raghav Chadha - The Polite and Assertive Debater

The youngest Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha from Punjab, Raghav Chadha is the National spokesperson of the Aam Adami Party. He is the Chairman of the State Advisory Committee to the CM of Punjab. He is polite but never backs down from any debate. He is an assertive debater. He has done Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

10. Alok Sharma – The Dramatic Debater

Alok Sharma - The Dramatic Debater

Another angry debater from Indian National Congress is Alok Sharma. He is a spokesperson for INC. He shouts and uses props to prove his points. His thali playing incident in the debate is very famous. His 370 statement bashing is too very much watched on social media. It is a different story that the impact made on the public is not as strong, but he sometimes overpowers many debaters.


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