It is not an accident but murder! Unknown people sprayed poisonous spray in the satsang of Hathras… AP Singh claims

Hathras: Narayan Sakar Hari’s lawyer AP Singh has given a shocking statement in a press conference regarding the stampede case in Hathras, UP. AP Singh said that this is not just an incident of stampede but a conspiracy against Narayan Sakar Hari.

AP Singh said, ‘The incident that happened in Hathras on July 2 is not just a stampede but a conspiracy against Narayan Sarkar Hari. All permissions were granted for the Manav Sangam Sadbhavana Milan. Some vehicles were found parked here. There were women in the pandal. There were some people who caused the stampede. They had an intoxicating spray on their hands.’

AP Singh said, ‘There were 12 such people. This was not only to defame Narayan Sakar Hari but also to destroy the goodwill of the entire Manav Sangam. I have seen the post-mortem report, the death was due to suffocation. Those people fled and sat in a white and black Scorpio.’
AP Singh said that SP Hathras is also investigating. The CCTV footage of Aligarh toll should be seized. We will identify the culprits. This is not an accident, it is a murder.

On July 2, a satsang was organized in Hathras district of UP. Surajpal alias Bhole Baba alias Narayan Sakar Hari participated in this program. After the program, when Surajpal was leaving, people came forward to take his charan raj. During this, there was a sudden stampede. After the stampede, people started running here and there, due to which many people fell on the ground. The number of deaths that came out after the accident was shocking. Information came out that 121 people died in this accident.


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