Ravana will always be known as a Villain, not a Hero

Why Ravan cannot be Worshiped? Ramayana is the greatest documented record that illustrates the evolution of civilization in Ancient India. Ancient was known as Aryavarta during the #Ramayana. Vedas authenticates that how Suryavanshi kings established and emerged as the rulers of Ancient India. Ramayana shows the spiritual, cultural, and political growth of various civilizations. As per Vedanta three races used to live across the globe during that era. They were Asuras (Danavas and Daityas), Aryans (Suryavansha), and Maruts (Half Monkeys). Asuras were living in Ancient Somaliya (Africa) and they were strong, elusive, and clever, Maruts were living across the globe and were strong but not that much intelligent. While Aryans or Suryavanshas were smart, intelligent most importantly organized and powerful. When Asura’s daughter Keksi married a sage “Vishrva”. A new dynasty of asura was evolved. That dynasty was that of “Rakshashas”. Before Keksi, Visharva married the daughter of legendary Maharishi Bhardwaj, an Aryan great-sage. Their sexual union brought the Yaksha dynasty. The First four Rakshashas were Ravan, Kumbhkarn, Yudhishtar, and Shrupnakha. The first Yaksha was “Kubera”.

Ravan and Lord Shiva

Ravana and his siblings were taught by his father. So unlike other Asuras, Ravana was superior to them in organizing. He knew Vedic secrets and knowledge of warfare. He became the first gentleman in Asur Vansh who mastered 64 arts and attained blessings from Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. He got many strongest weapons like Brahmastra, Pashupatiastra, etc. He also documented many Upanishads. While Rama was the son of Suryavanshi King Dashratha. He had three brothers Laxman, Bharat, and Kshatrughn. Rama was the best student of “Brahmarishi” Vashist. He also got almost all the strong weapons from Vashist. Rama and Ravana both are equal in all respects then why Ravana is not worth to be worshipped. It is evident that Ravana conquered the whole world his capital was Lanka while Rama was the ruler of Aryavrata (Present-day India, till Iraq from the west, till Japan to the north, and Korea till East). Both were great for their countrymen. Both of them developed their dynasties.

Ravana will always be a Villain

But even after having such high stature. Ravana will always be recognized as Villian. Right from childhood, Ravana was taught to hate gods. Except for Lord Shiva, Brahma, and Goddess Shakti, he respected no one. He was living in a myth that gods had done injustice with Asuras. Even after knowing Vedas, he kept hatred against the gods. Being a son of a sage, he was not able to win over his inner enemies. He was lusty towards the opposite gender. He raped and tried molesting many women. One such example was Punjakasthala to whom Ravana raped. He also tried molesting Vedavati. He kidnapped Sita to teach Rama Laxmana a lesson for cutting Shrupnakha’s nose. It is true that Laxmana did wrong. Ravana abducting Mother Sita is not at all justified. He should have taken revenge from Lord Rama and Lakshmana for this. Apart from all that Ravana was cruel too, He cut down the heads of many sages, and through his slaves, he put the blood of the sages in a mud vessel.

Lord Rama and Shabri

On the other hand, Rama was a complete gentleman he forgave everyone. He never liked the idea of discrimination, though Ravan had killed Shrupnakha’s husband because he was not a king of equal class. He never liked the Marut race and treated them with the lower class. He even disrespected Lord Hanumana, who was the most intelligent and strongest Marut. He only became a friend of Vali the Marut king of Kishkinda and it was only because of selfish motives so that his demons could disturb sages havan and yajna. Lord Rama always admired Rama for his knowledge that was why he said Laxmana to take education from Ravana while Ravana was dying. Lord Rama respected the opinion of a small laundryman. He even had respected and admired the greetings of Shabri, a very poor and old aged woman. As per Valmiki’s oldest document source, there is no mentioning that Rama took the agni pariksha of Goddess Sita. It was later on added by other authors. Even the exile of Sita during pregnancy was an illusion. As per Puranic and other sources, Sita lived happily with Rama after the 14 years of exile till their last breath. One can not worship any other God other than Shiva and Shakti in Ravana’s empire. While one could worship anyone under Rama’s rule.

Ravana will always be known as a Villain, not a Hero

Rama and Ravana both were the knowers of Vedas but Ravana rarely implemented Vedic rituals negatively. Both should be respected for their skills. But He is only Rama who should be worshiped because he represents equality, liberty, and secularity. While one can only respect Ravana for knowledge and skills but he should not be worshiped since he represents lust, ego, and cruelty.

Humari Baat feels that the maker of Adi Purush should not showcase Ravana as pious and kind because as per scriptures he was not.


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