Corona is back with its second wave and affecting the country poorly and conquering the country from all sides. Come back of Corona is so devastating that the records of September last year have also been broken. For the first time this year, more than 1 lakh patients were found in a single day in the country. The situation is disastrous in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The awful situation is in Maharashtra.People of Maharashtra locked themselves in their homes as they are following restrictions strictly. Current situation is compelling us to remember the dreadful situation of last year because things are becoming same. A large number of people are returning to their homes from Maharashtra. There are no seat reservations available in Trains of North India since last 10 days.Although many special trains have been increased by the railways, still the congestion is not decreasing. In fact, the reserved ticket holders are allowed to come and travel in the train in the station premises. But one truth is that even half the trains were not running before the corona was running. Company owners are worried over workers’ return. Workers are returning to their respective villages again in the face of rising Corona cases and strict restrictions.The labourers started feeling afraid that the situations might become same as last year. Seeing this exodus of laborers, the owners of the company owners of Maharashtra have blown away. The production and supply of companies will be adversely affected by the return of workers. The owners fear that if these workers return to their respective homes, then the lock will hang in the company.


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