Google often tries to give some message to the people through its special doodles.The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic continues in the world and now this pandemic is ruining everything in this world. After noticing all this last tuesday Google once again showed its responsibility by awaring people to avoid this lethal disease. Google told everyone the importance and need of wearing mask through its Doodle to avoid the corona virus. Google sent a message to people through its doodle, ‘Wear a mask, save lives’, that is, save the lives of people wearing masks.The message also states that cover the face, wash your hands and keep a safe distance. In this special doodle this time, the letters of Google are keeping distance from each other. Also each letter in the doodle has been worn mask of different colours. Google Doodle gave message that people should prefer cloth mask over a disposable mask to prevent Covid-19. On clicking the animated doodle, a page will open, where the instructions regarding the symptoms, prevention and basic treatment of Corona are given in detail. Google’s Covid-19 Resource Hub states, “Wearing masks can help prevent the spread of the virus. The mask alone does not protect Covid-19. Along with this, physical distance and hand hygiene are also necessary. Follow the advice given by your local health authority.


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