A sudden change in weather at night made everyone panic. The storms are very powerful due to which many poles and tree were root out. The sign boards, shop holding, banners, tin of houses, TV antina, wires etc all mess up. Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are also observed during this sudden weather change.
A contradictory temperature was recorded during 37°C at day and 21°C at night. According to Meteorological department wind speed was observed between 80-100 KM/H. The storms stopped at arround 11 PM and it came from Punjab, passed from Chandigarh to Panchkula.
Damage due to storms!!
Tricity faced a sudden change in weather and many damages due to storms. It was a blacked out for one hour which was unexpected. Trees, electricity poles, tanks on houses, road boards, banners everything was damaged and root out.


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