Dehradun, 22 Jan 2024: Amidst the increasing incidents of human-wildlife conflict, the government has increased the compensation amount. Now, on death due to a wildlife attack, compensation will be Rs 6 lakh instead of Rs 4 lakh. Compensation will be given for damage caused to crops, houses, and animals by wild animals.

Notification of Human-Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund Rules 2024 has been released. A nine-member committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the Chief Conservator of Forests to manage compensation for damage caused by wild animals. Under the supervision of this committee, Rs 20 lakh each will be sent to the accounts of all forest divisions. If any organization donates to this fund, it will get an income tax exemption under the Income Tax Act.

After confirmation by local public representatives and forest department personnel, 30 percent compensation for human loss and 20 percent compensation for animal loss will be available within 48 hours. At the same time, information about the incident of loss of crops will have to be given in writing to the local forest officer within two days, after investigation, compensation will be given within 15 days. The compensation amount will come from the State Disaster Response Fund and Human Wildlife Conflict Relief Distribution Fund.

Compensation will be given for attacks by these animals

In case of harm to humans due to tiger, leopard, snow leopard, wild elephant, all three species of bears, hyena, wild boar, crocodile, crocodile, snake, bee, wasp, langur, and monkey. In case of harm to animals due to tiger, leopard, snow leopard, wild elephant, bears of all three species, hyena, wild boar, crocodile, crocodile, snake. In case of damage to crops due to wild elephants, wild boar, nilgai, kakad, sambar, chital, baboon, and monkeys. In case of damage to the house by wild elephants and bears of all three species.

Compensation for human loss in an attack

Moderate injured 15,000-16,000

seriously injured 1,00,000

Partially handicapped 1,00,000

Totally disabled 3,00,000

6,00,000 in case of death in attack
(Persons receiving treatment under Ayushman Bharat Scheme will not be eligible)

Compensation for harm caused to animals
Cow, Jabu and Jumo 37,500

goat, sheep, pig 5,000

Camel, horse, bull, etc. 32,000

Calf, Donkey, Mule, Heifer, Pony 20,000

Buffalo above three years of age 37,500

horse, mule 40,000

Bulls above three years of age 32,000

Cow-calf, buffalo Padua 20,000

Compensation for damage to crops
Sugarcane entire crop 25,000 per acre

Paddy, wheat, oilseeds entire crop Rs 15,000 per acre

Rs 8,000 per acre on damage to all other crops.

Compensation for damage to houses caused by wild elephants and bears of all three species
Pucca house complete loss of 1,50,000

Kutcha house total loss of 1,30,000

Kutcha house partially damaged 20,000

Damage to houses made up of huts etc. 8,000

Damage to the boundary wall of a pucca house or partial damage to the house 15,000

The animal damage from wildlife also includes for the first time two new animals found in the high Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand. In this, on the death of Jabu and Jumo, a compensation of Rs 37,500 will be given.


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