Thousands of trees are being saved every year through green funeral rites in Haryana and Punjab. IAS Dr. Sunil Gulati retired from the post of Special Chief Secretary and Dr. Ramji Jaimal of mutual organization have taken the initiative. The organization has built about three and a half hundred green crematoriums in both the states. Now preparations are on to make this project nationwide. The organization and retired IAS have submitted their project report to the Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Ashwini Choubey in New Delhi this week. In which it has been proposed to build a green crematorium in every panchayat through CAMPA fund of Rs 76 thousand crore.
Union Minister Choubey has assured to take appropriate steps after studying it. Dr. Ramji Jaimal started the Green Crematorium Project a few years back from the village of Darbi in Sirsa district. In these, the body is cremated with cow dung sticks and dung cakes. In this, only 60 kg dung sticks are used to burn the dead body of a person. Also, if another dead body is to be burnt, only 30 kg sticks of cow dung are used in it due to the heat of the furnace.
Dr. Sunil Gulati said that in the project report, only Rs. 3 lakh is spent on building a green crematorium, which also has a guarantee of three years. De-watering machine for making sticks and cow dung from cow dung is being installed up to Rs. 2.5 lakh. It can also make incense sticks and pots. We are also writing a letter to the Chief Minister of Haryana to implement this project. Since, Haryana has Rs 950 crore in CAMPA fund. Plantation is not being done on a large scale with this fund, trees can be saved by making green crematoriums.
There will be less methane in the environment, Ganga will also be saved from contamination
Dr. Gulati told that green cremation will protect the environment. Burning the dead body with dung sticks instead of wood will reduce the ash in the bones, as well as methane will also decrease in the atmosphere. Air pollution can be reduced. Flowing the ashes of a wood-burning dead body in the Ganges causes water pollution, it will be saved. Its detailed study is in the report submitted to the Central Government. Told that in the month of August on this project in DelhiInternational conferences are also going to be held.

Arguments given in the project report
70 percent of dead bodies in the country are cremated with wood
There are 28 trees per capita in the country, while 716 in the US.
The average annual death of 90 lakh in the country
70 lakh dead bodies are burnt, in which 1.40 crore trees are planted
These trees can be saved if the Green Cremation Project is implemented


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