Pregnent Mother Elephant died

Today Malappuram pregnant mother elephant’s incident was trending all over internet and social media. Due to wild behavior of few human beings took the life of gentle pregnant mother elephant. Her only mistake was that she had trusted few insane people for food. What did she know that the fruit she is taking as a meal contains the dynamite that would take her life. It is not the only incident that showed the wild behavior of human beings towards wild animals. Following are other listed barbaric and inhuman incidents of human beings towards animals.

Abusing the Sunder Elephant

Sunder elephant tortured

Who can forget the elephant whose video went viral. Sunder was a young Elephant who tortured by hi Mahout. The Mahout of Jotibha temple in Kohlapur abuses the elephant drastically. PETA interfered and with the help of the voice of few Bollywood stars, sunder was rescued successfully after the orders from Maharashtra government. We are sure than there must be thousands of other elephants too that have been tortured.

Cow Slaughter in India

After the impose of Cow protection act by Modi Governement in 2017, still cow butchering and beef trading is prevalent in India. Today, population of Indian Breed cow has decreased tremendously, due to which production of A2 cow milk has also decreased.

Prone to extinction of Goraiya Sparrow

Famous bird of India “Goraiya”, is on verg of extinction due to bad effect of radiation of mobile communication. We human beings think that whole earth is our property but nature though its unmatched power always teach human beings many lessons. Where do we humans understand all these things and we make these mistakes again and again.

Abusing dogs and other animals on YouTube

There are many videos on YouTube where man is abusing dogs in different ways. Sometime they through them from 2nd and 3rd floor, few are beating them and it is done only to get more and more engagement Not only dogs other animals and even snakes are tortured. Such malicious material available on YouTube showcased the brutality of Human beings.

Tiger and Rhino’s Population

We are cutting jungle and poachers are killing them for their skins, tusks and horns. We are reducing their home by cutting trees due to which animals are bound to come to cities and villages. Human-Animal conflict is the result of this. In few cases Leopards and Tigers become man eaters while herbivores animals like elephants, rhinos, gaur feed crops. Poaching directly reduces population of these species.

Man needs to understand the Earth belongs to all, we should respect animals. It is hardcore fact that without these animals even human being can not survive.

Note - Wildlife SOS has made an important announcement on tweeter for "Kerala Mother Elephant Incident" that the person who will identify the culprit and inform to them will get 1,00,00 rupees cash from them.

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