Sharanpur: Pollution reduced, hills seen 100 kilometers away . On Thursday, May 20, Saharanpur’s air quality index came down to 90 . the movement of vehicles has reduced drastically, and the dust has also piled up when it rains due to which the air became more cleaner. That is why once again the hills distant 150 km from Saharanpur have started appearing. People also captured this beautiful picture of lockdown in their camera.

In 21 days, pollution has reduced so much that the hills of Upper Himalayas and Shivalik started appearing from saharanpur. It does not looks like that the distance of these hills is more than 150 kilometers. But there is no mountain between the hills of Saharanpur and Upper Himalayas.

Whereas the air quality index of Saharanpur remained between 130 and 140 one week ago. In the months of October and November, due to pollution in the air during Diwali, the AQI of Saharanpur goes between 200 and 240.


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