On monday, Delhi has recorded the hottest day in 76 years. The capital experienced 40.1° celsius temperature making it the hottest day in years. However, the Indian Meteorological Department has said that the temperature will go down which has relieved the citizens. Earlier on 31st March, 1995 Delhi experienced 40.5 degree Celsius IMD’S regional Central director Kuldeep Shrivastava confirm the high temperature of Delhi on Monday.

The reason for the high temperature is said to be the Slow speed of wind(7-8 kmph) and the clear sky for last 3 days . Kuldeep srivastava also said that the mercury can fall to 36 degrees. He said that if the wind slows further, the temperature will rise eventually. Delhi NCR and Northwest Indian will experience strong heat from mid April to june 10.

Mountains along with plains have also started experiencing the heat a summer season begins. The maximum temperature is recorded as 32 and alone in the both mountain and in seven district. The minimum temperature has also increased. Rainfall and snowfall is expected in eight central and upper mountainous districts on April 4 and 5.


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