The second wave of corona has started to show it’s terror in Delhi as well along many cities. The situation in delhi has completely changed in 20 days. The ministry of health has also expressed concern and has placed Delhi in te list of 10 most affected cities. 5550 active cases have increased in just 20 days. The infection rate has also gone upto 2.70% from 0.52% since 10 march 2021.
The number of active cases in just 20 days is more than the total number of cases in February. The government is increasing red zone to control the barbaric affect of corona. More than 1400 red zone have created since 10 march 2021.

   10 March     -     544 Cases
   15 March     -     607 Cases
   20 March     -     868 Cases
   25 March     -     1094 Cases
   30 March     -     1584 Cases

1040 new cases have been registered so far which makes 22% increase in the COVID patients in the meantime.


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