This time the work will be done according to the plan. Health officer Sanyogita Sudan said that the work of drains and drains is being done. Work will start in the abandoned area.

The decaying drains and drains in Jammu city remain a problem for the people. The condition of Kalika Colony and Nanak Nagar drain, which were in spate during the rainy season, has not improved yet. However, after the rain, work was asked to start in the drains. Apart from this, the improvement in the condition of drains in different wards has been less than expected. Cleaning of drains and drains in the General House meeting every time.

Apart from this, in other places including Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, the water of drains overflows and comes in the roads in the rainy season. The work on deepening the drains has not started yet. Apart from this, instructions were given to work day and night in the drains. So far this too has not come to fruition. Chief Traffic Officer Harendra Singh said that work on drains and drains will be started.


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