When the farmers started the agitation on the border of Haryana against the agricultural laws, no one expected that it would last this long. The movement which started from Punjab progressed with the help of the farmers of Haryana and then the farmers of UP added more enthusiasm to it. The movement, which started with a demand of the farmers, later became the voice for the solution of every issue related to agriculture. After this, farmers from all over the country started gathering on the border of Delhi and the movement got separated in many ways. Farmers raised their voice with pizza langar and AC tents. The movement started getting longer, be it making roti in langar or cooking rice, machines were installed for all the work. The farmers had installed gas heaters to avoid the rising cold.

When repeated talks with the center were unsuccessful, the farmers fixed their routine. The day would begin with Shabad Kirtan and then a dharna followed by tea and breakfast. After serving in the langar, the farmers played cards, chuckled hookah and then the evening meal was prepared. Cashew-almond milk was also definitely drunk to keep health fit at night.

Farmers had made their tractor-trolleys their homes. From food items to sleeping arrangements were made inside the trolley. Quilts, mattresses had continuously arrived from Punjab to save the farmers from the cold. Waterproof tents were also brought. A lot of machines were installed at the protest site for washing clothes. The service of cleaning was also taken over by the young farmers.

The menu also changed according to the season. Pizza was made and distributed throughout the day in the rain. Along with this, langar of Golgappa and Jalebi were also installed. There were also bread dumplings. Young people were given cold drinks along with pizza and coffee and tea were given to the elderly. Gajar ka halwa and jalebi were also included in the menu.


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