The Yamunotri Highway, which was closed near the Khaneda bridge due to the arrival of debris and boulder due to heavy rains in Yamunaghati, could not open even on Saturday. It was closed at around eight o’clock on Thursday morning. On the other hand, the weather remains clear in Dehradun today. Many areas were cloudy.

The rain started on Wednesday night in Uttarkashi district on Wednesday night, near the Dharasu band including Yamunotri Highway Khaneda bridge, Chhatanga, Paligad and Kuthnaura etc. were stopped due to debris and boulder.

By Thursday evening, debris was removed from the highway at Dharasu Band, Chhatanga and Kuthanore, but the closed highway near Paligad Bridge could not be opened. Qadir Ahmed, the project manager of the construction agency, said that debris and boulders have been removed near Paligad. But due to the hard rocky boulder near Khaneda bridge, there is a problem in opening the highway. He spoke of the highway opening by Saturday.

Along with Yamunotri Highway, 19 rural motorways like Thatti Dharkot Musadgaon, Kaleth Musadgaon, Sem Mukheem Patudi, Chinyalisaur Jogat, Kandla Bhuiara, Morgi Bared, Dharasu Jogat, Silkyara Bangaon Chapda, etc. are still closed due to debris and boulder. Which is expected to open by Saturday evening.


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