The end of election campaign in Tamil Nadu has witnesses the arrest of two AIADMK officials for bringing the voters. A day later two more locations were searched which also included the house of Tamil Nadu minister C Vijaybhaskar’s aide. The search team has received four Lakh rupees in cash there.

The authorities also searched the houses of murugesan a government contractor and a close person to C Vijaybhaskar. The search lasted for six hours and found more two lakh rupees if cash. Likewise, the election officials conducted searches at three other locations in viralimalai and found Rs. 1.44 Lakh of cash from a AIADMK party member’s house. Along with which two people have been arrested for bribing voters.

The election has ended with the attempt of bribing the voters and the searches conduct by elections officials. They found a total cash of around 7.44 lakhs.


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