After the attack on BJP leaders, MP Kirron Kher was very angry with the Chandigarh Police and administration officials. Late night, with his social media account, he took a dig at the officials of the Chandigarh Administration, questioning them. In three tweets together on Saturday night, he has demanded the intervention of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the PMO in this matter and strict action against the accused. He wrote that this is a shameful act which should have been stopped by the authorities but sadly it did not happen. It is very sad to see something like this in my city. In another tweet, he wrote that he still remembers that even when there was a lot of ruckus in Punjab and Haryana due to the Ram Rahim episode, Chandigarh was still calm. Not a single incident had happened but today who gave permission for this big incident of mob lynching in the city and why.
At the same time, in his third tweet, MP Kher wrote that this matter should be investigated. He has demanded Union Home Minister Amit Shah and PMO to take action against the accused in this case. Kher wrote that the image of the city has been tarnished because of such people.


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