Ramnagar, 15 March 2024: Kumaon Commissioner Deepak Rawat on Tuesday conducted on-site inspection of Chukam village, the flood affected area of Ramnagar. He took detailed information from the local people about the damage and problems caused by the flood. Villagers said that floods during the rainy season affect farming and life. Movement stops completely. On which Commissioner Deepak Rawat said that the government is making every possible effort to prevent the damage caused by flood in Chukam village. He said that as per the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the district administration is conducting a survey of the flood affected areas of Chukam village.

During the inspection, he told that a river flows at one end of Chukam village, while there are mountains at the other end. Due to this, flood situation persists in the village. Besides, local people have to face problems due to this and farming is also getting affected. Told that the Irrigation Department has made a plan under disaster management to prevent floods. Under which security walls, check dams etc. will be built so that flood water does not affect the village. Also, action is being taken to provide facilities like government land etc. to the previously affected people under the displacement policy of the government.

Deepak Rawat talked to the children studying in Government Higher Secondary School, Chukam and wished and blessed them for their health and future. After this, Commissioner Deepak Rawat conducted an on-site inspection of the flood affected area Sundarkhal, Ramnagar. Where about 500 families reside. The villagers raised the problems of electricity, water, roads etc. with Deepak Rawat. Meanwhile, it was told by the villagers that there is a problem of flood here during the monsoon period, to avoid which the villagers demanded to be shifted to some other place. In this regard, Deepak Rawat asked the villagers to provide a joint consent letter so that the displacement can be prevented. Timely displacement action can be taken as per the standards.

Sub-District Magistrate Ramnagar Rahul Shah, Chief Engineer Irrigation Sanjay Shukla, Haldwani, Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics Rajendra Tiwari Haldwani, Tehsildar Ramnagar, Nayaab Tehsildar Dayal Mishra, SDO Forest Department Punam Panthola and other departmental officers were present.


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