Chandigarh, April 19 2024
BJP General Secretary requested Tiwari ji to please upload it on X

If Tiwari ji uploads this on X, it will be a favour to history students also: Jindal

BJP General Secretary Amit Jindal has apprised Congress candidate Manish Tewari about a historical fact of his party and requested him to share it on his social media account.

He said it seems Tewariji likes BJP’s press notes very much, that is why he has uploaded it on X on April 18 at 8:30 pm.

Jindal said the Congress is the oldest political party in the country, it does not mean that it should blame others.

BJP General Secretary said that is why I am presenting a historical fact. Addressing the Congress candidate, Jindal said do Manish Tewari ji remember the decision of Allahabad High Court on June 12, 1975 or whether he has forgotten it.

He said on the same date, the mother of the Congress (I) party, Indira Gandhi, was found guilty of election irregularities. Then, the country was shaken by the petition filed by socialist leader Rajnarayan ji challenging the election of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from Rae Bareli. And its order was out on June 12, 1975.

“Manish Tiwariji, if you have forgotten, then ask the senior Congress leader of your party, because then Mrs Gandhi herself was summoned to the court room and she was also present there.

Manish ji, this case study is worthy for the youth and future generation of the country, because Justice Jagmohanlal, had held veteran Congress leader Smt. Indira Gandhi guilty of electoral malpractices.

While she had accused the BJP of being intolerant and dictatorial. Along with the cancellation of the elections, she was declared ineligible for holding any constitutional post for the next six years.

BJP General Secretary said today I am opening the dark chapter of Congress that is almost 50 years old because Congress candidate Manish Tewari, who had left the people of two parliamentary constituencies to God, now wants to serve Chandigarh.

When the BJP is asking him to account for the pain of the people of Ludhiana and Anandpur Sahib parliamentary constituency, he is remembering the powers of Article 142 of the Constitution.

Jindal said the BJP fully respects the Constitution and the judicial system of the country. If someone commits a mistake, he will have to pay for it. No one is bigger than the Constitution. If someone disrespects it, the BJP has always been in favor of just action. But Manish Tewari ji, perhaps you are deliberately forgetting the achievements of the political party to which you belong.

BJP General Secretary Jindal said the 54 governments of this category, which were non-Congress political parties that came to power after independence after winning the trust of the people, were brought down by the Congress in an anti-democratic manner.

And I have already told you about the case of Congresz stalwart Mrs Gandhi. Jindal has made a humble request to Congress candidate Manish Tewari to please share the above facts on his social media account. It will also increase your general knowledge and those who do not know about historical facts will also get to know of it, he added.


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