Punjab, 06 May 2024: The sound of Lok Sabha elections has been sounded across the country, all the political parties have geared up and have announced their candidates. If we talk about Patiala Lok Sabha seat, there is a lot of buzz in the political circles regarding this seat because while BJP has played its bet on Rani Parneet Kaur, who left Congress and joined BJP, it has fielded Dr. Dharamveer Gandhi from Congress. AAP party has shown confidence in Dr. Balbir Singh.

But standing like a huge mountain in front of these candidates is NK Sharma, who were Panch Sarpanch, Nagar Pradhan from Halka Dera Bassi, MLA for two consecutive terms and cabinet minister also, whom Akali Dal has fielded as its candidate by giving MP ticket from Patiala Lok Sabha seat this time.There would hardly be anyone in the politics of Punjab and the people of Punjab who has not heard the name of NK Sharma in Punjab politics. While on one hand NK Sharma is considered to be the strongest pillar of Akali Dal, on the other hand he has emerged as a very big name in the politics of Punjab. He is known as a tall and powerful leader in Punjab.

Today we will talk about NK Sharma and his political journey.

Birth and education of NK Sharma

NK Sharma was born on April 7, 1970 in Lohgarh village to Vishwanath Sharma and Raksha Sharma, his full name is Narendra Kumar Sharma.

NK Sharma passed his primary education from Government High School, Bhabat village, Zirakpur. After this he obtained B.Sc. degree from DAV College, Chandigarh and M.Sc. degree from Shimla University.

Political journey of NK Sharma

NK Sharma first won the Panchayat elections of his village Lohgarh by a record margin of one thousand votes and with this victory he became the youngest Sarpanch and thus took his first step in the world of politics. He also became the President of Sarpanch Sangh. Meanwhile, the government immediately merged seven villages of Zirakpur including Lohgarh and made it a Nagar Panchayat. In which NK Sharma was nominated as a member.
During the Municipal Council elections in Zirakpur, the Akali Dal under the leadership of NK Sharma won thirteen out of fifteen wards and thus he became the first President of Zirakpur Nagar Panchayat on 4 April 2003.

An excellent beginning had been made in the political journey of NK Sharma and his feet had started getting established in the corridors of politics. But meanwhile, the sudden death of late Captain Kanwaljit Singh changed the political situation and due to this changed circumstances, Akali Dal made NK Sharma in-charge of Banur assembly constituency. He was nominated by the Akali Dal as the Chairman of the District Planning Board Mohali, during which he carried out major development works in the entire district including Mohali.

NK Sharma has been associated with Akali Dal from the beginning till date and has lived up to every expectation of Akali Dal.

This is the reason that from the beginning till today, Akali Dal has shown full confidence in him and in view of this confidence, during the 2012 assembly elections, Shiromani Akali Dal had declared NK Sharma as its candidate from Derabassi seat. NK Sharma won these elections by more than 12 thousand votes. The government had given him the responsibility of Parliamentary Secretary (Industry and Commerce Department). In the assembly elections held during the year 2017, NK Sharma won for the second consecutive time and was elected MLA.

NK Sharma did development work during his tenure

While being Panch,Sarpanch, Nagar Pardhan and MLA ,NK Sharma carried out many development works for Dera Bassi and its people.

NK Sharma gave the gift of some scheme to the people of Dera Bassi while he was on the legislative post, he laid out the line of development works in the city.. This is the reason why the people of Dera Bassi made NK Sharma MLA again.

But for the first time in the 2022 assembly elections, NK Sharma had to face defeat. Kuljit Singh Randhawa of Aam Aadmi Party became the MLA of Halka Dera Bassi, defeating NK Sharma.

NK Sharma performed his duty during the Corona period

Seeing the seriousness of the situation during the Corona period, MLA NK Sharma in Zirakpur had prepared a 100-bed Covid care ward for the infected in his marriage palace. In which volunteers were also hired to serve along with the team of 4 doctors and 12 nurse staff.
Arrangements ranging from medicines to food and drinks were made in this Covid Care Center built by NK Sharma. During this, NK Sharma had told that some social workers and United Sikh Organization helped in making complete arrangements. Complete arrangements were made for the patients here. Five oxygen cylinders were also arranged in which a written letter was sent to DC Mohali to fill the gas.

NK Sharma is an active leader

NK Sharma is not only an excellent politician but he is also an active leader. This is proved by the activities of NK Sharma from his tenure till date.
Ever since NK Sharma entered politics, he has been winning continuously, and was seen among the people, listening to their problems and solving them on the spot, he always remained connected with the people at the grassroots level.
The process of meeting people starts early in the morning, even after no longer holding the post of MLA, till today he starts meeting people in the same way as he used to do while holding the post of MLA.
This is the reason why even today people go to NK Sharma with their problems, just like they used to go to him when he was in office as MLA.
Not only this, NK Sharma has also emerged as a strong opposition to the present government, from time to time he is seen demanding answers by highlighting the shortcomings and shortcomings of the present government through press conferences and his statements.

NK Sharma becomes Akali Dal candidate from Patiala Lok Sabha seat

Even after facing the first defeat in the 2022 assembly elections, Akali Dal’s faith in NK Sharma never wavered and this time in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Akali Dal is once again showing confidence in NK Sharma by fielding him from Patiala Lok Sabha seat. has declared his candidate.

NK Sharma gave his reaction on getting the ticket

After getting the ticket for Patiala Lok Sabha seat, NK Sharma said that if the entire team of Akali Dal gives its all in Patiala Lok Sabha, then they can win. Explaining the equation of votes of Patiala Lok Sabha constituency, he said that in the 2022 assembly elections, all the candidates of Akali Dal had got about 2.5 lakh votes.
According to the total votes, a candidate with three and a half lakh votes can win the election, considering that he will have to work hard for only one lakh votes, which is not difficult. He said that it is not difficult for the Akali Dal team to get one lakh votes. He said that people want to see Akali Dal back once again, he is going among the people daily and meeting them, seeing the party enthusiasm of the people, it is not difficult to get one lakh votes.

Controversy related to NK Sharma

While on one hand NK Sharma has emerged as a big name in Punjab politics, on the other hand he has also faced many controversies. NK Sharma has been associated with the controversy of fraudulently taking over farmers’ land and Shamlat land and building his buildings on those lands and this controversy has brought his name up a lot. However, NK Sharma has shown the oldest documents related to those lands and termed the allegations of illegal occupation of the lands as baseless.
If we talk about some other allegations, then NK Sharma was also accused of financial irregularities by misusing his influence and position, he was also accused of violating the code of conduct during the election environment, but NK Sharma denied all these. He has refuted the allegations by calling them political tricks and is full of courage to continuously develop the people and the city with his loyalty and honesty.

So this was some interesting information about NK Sharma, now it remains to be seen to what extent NK Sharma’s hope of winning from Patiala Lok Sabha seat is fulfilled and as he says that he has 2.5 lakh votes. And one lakh votes are required, then how well does this equation of their votes fit?

And will he be able to get this one lakh votes, will NK Sharma become a part of the Parliament from Patiala seat or will the victory go to someone else’s account, because the contest is going to be a collision and who will have to face defeat and on whom? The victory will be crowned, it is for the public to decide and on coming 4th June the public’s decision will be in front of everyone.


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