Virendra, who was away from victory in the process of counting of votes, picked up soil and applied tilak. Said that he got so much love from the public in his first attempt, now he has made Haridwar his workplace.

Congress candidate Virendra Singh Rawat is not discouraged by his defeat. He greeted the workers present along with his father, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat. Not only this, he picked up soil from the ground in the party camp and applied tilak on his forehead and said, now Haridwar is his workplace.

Virendra Rawat said that he is indebted to the love given to him by the people of Haridwar in his first attempt. He linked the victory and defeat to an important chapter in politics and said that along with the election review, he will now start preparing for all other elections including municipal bodies.

He termed the increased support base of India Alliance in the country and the victory across the country as his victory. Said that it is a most pleasant coincidence that today the people of the country have decided to change their mind. Said that every wrestler who reaches the arena learns the next trick in wrestling even after losing. Similarly, he will continue to fight for the struggle of his supporters and voters.

Congress won the hearts of the people of the country even after losing some seats: Harish Rawat

Haridwar. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that neither the management nor the workers can be blamed for the defeat. Despite losing some seats, Congress has registered victory across the country. The former Chief Minister said that the mandate was very clear. The difference between victory and defeat being by very few votes is also a pleasant message of change. With the claim of forming the India Coalition government at the Centre, he said that the way the people gave their mandate is against the dictatorial rulers. Expressing his gratitude towards the people of Haridwar, the former Chief Minister said that the success that Virendra got in his first attempt is the contribution of the loyal Congress workers and voters associated with the ideology. As a political guru, he also inspired his son to continuously fight for the rights of the people of Haridwar.

One sister helped her brother reach his destination, the other’s efforts did not work.

The India Alliance managed to get seats across the country where it was close to coming to power. At the same time, it came very close to victory on some seats in Uttarakhand. The efforts of top party leader Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka to ensure victory for the party across the country were also successful. A sister like Priyanka supported her brother with full strength in achieving his goal. At the same time, sister Anupama Rawat failed to make her brother win the Haridwar seat. Anupama, MLA from Haridwar Rural Assembly seat, had won this seat by defeating Swami Yatishwaranand, who was a minister in the BJP government cabinet. When brother Virendra contested the elections, he ultimately failed to achieve success.

Since the beginning of counting of votes in Haridwar Rural seat, Congress was lagging behind BJP candidate Trivendra Singh Rawat who had registered victory. The situation was such that in the first phase, while the BJP candidate got 418 votes, in the same constituency of MLA Behen, Virendra Rawat had to be satisfied with only 181 votes. At booth number two, BJP got 334 votes and Congress got 178 votes. At booth number 3, BJP got 463 votes, while Congress got 261 votes. The same sequence was seen continuously at many polling stations.

BJP candidates continued to gain lead in this assembly and the appeal of the MLA sister was rejected by the public. Congress candidate Virendra Rawat got 27 votes at polling station number 11, 29 votes at polling station 34 and only 12 votes at polling station 81. Some polling stations were also found in Haridwar rural area at which MLA’s sister Anupama Rawat did not succeed in getting votes for Congress candidate Virendra Rawat at least as much as the independents.According to political analysts, the performance of Congress in Haridwar Rural Assembly constituency was very poor at many booths. According to the figures given by the election side, there was no influence of the sitting MLA at all at many polling stations.


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