Zirakpur, 26 April 2024: Punjab government committed to providing basic facilities to the people: Randhawa…
On Friday, the work of recarpeting the road from Peermuchhala to Panchkula barrier started, for which the residents of the area expressed gratitude to MLA Kuljit Singh Randhawa. It is worth mentioning that this road was inaugurated by MLA Kuljit Singh Randhawa before the conduct of elections.

Due to the efforts of MLA Randhawa and his team, the road which was in bad shape for years has now been transformed into a smooth and well-maintained road. The people of the area expressed gratitude towards the MLA and the AAP government for fulfilling their long standing demand of better roads.

Stating the importance of providing basic facilities to the people, MLA Randhawa said that the convenience of the people is the top priority for the AAP government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. He also assured residents that more development projects are in the pipeline for the area, and the government is committed to improving the overall infrastructure and living standards of the people.

The MLA urged the residents to continue their support and cooperation towards the efforts of the government. MLA Kuljit Singh Randhawa said that he has always been working with a positive thinking but the Congress chief and Shromani Akali Dal councilors who are in power in the Municipal Council of Zirakpur are working with a negative thinking that if work is not done in the city then the common man will The party will be disgraced.

Whereas he himself had gone to the Municipal Council meeting and invited the Congress President and councilors to move with positive thinking and provide all kinds of support from the government. Randhawa said that in fact the current candidates of Shromani Akali Dal have still not been able to digest their defeat in the assembly elections.

Who are keeping Congress Pradhan, who is in minority in Zirakpur Municipal Council, in power only so that the agenda of their negative politics remains alive. He said that the Akali Dal and the Congress leaders have joined hands with each other under a secret agreement which people have now started recognizing.


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