Chandigarh, March 23, 2021: A party delegation led by State President of Bharatiya Janata Party Chandigarh, Arun Sood, has simplified Chandigarh to simplify the difficulties faced by Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Castes people living in Chandigarh. Interviewed the appropriate Mandeep Singh Barad of the administration and presented a memorandum to him. The delegation included State President of Other Backward Caste Morcha Nathi Ram Mehra, General Minister Om Prakash Mehra and Rajindra Bagga, Scheduled Caste Morcha State President Krishna Kumar, General Secretary Bharat Kumar.
It is worth noting that people have to struggle a lot to get both the above caste certificates and this is a problem of these people for many years, which has not been solved yet.
The delegation told the Deputy Commissioner about the difficulties faced in getting the Other Backward Caste certificate made and said that about 60 types of castes fall in this category in Chandigarh. Presently getting certificates in this category of people in Chandigarh is like winning a war. People have to get signatures from two gazetted officers and at the same time, the identity card of the officers who have signed it also has to be affixed. It is noteworthy that according to the rules of the Chandigarh administration, most of the gazetted officers are neither aware of the people nor anyone else hesitates to give their identity card. Due to this, most people feel helpless to get the certificate. He urged the appropriate that changes in the rules have become necessary so that these people living in Chandigarh can get the certificates easily available. Ward’s councilor should be empowered to verify the application of this caste certificate by changing the rules on the lines of the neighboring states of Chandigarh. After their verification, the Chandigarh administration should issue caste certificate.
Appropriate to this demand of the visiting delegation, Mandeep Singh Barad asked Sub Divisional Magistrate (Central) Harjeet Singh Sandhu to closely examine the aspects related to solving this problem by Wednesday and assured that in the coming days soon Only this problem will be solved.
On the other hand, about the problems faced by obtaining the Scheduled Caste Certificate, the delegation told the Deputy Commissioner that people of this category have to attach the residential certificate of the year 1966 to get the certificate. On this subject, State President Arun Sood told the Deputy Commissioner that the Chandigarh administration does not even have a record of its own for the year 1966, from where the person applying will attach the residential certificate. Citing the rules of the government of Madhya Pradesh, he said that if a person engages his voter card and Aadhaar card for at least 5 years, his caste certificate is issued. Why should not Chandigarh also be amended in the rules of Chandigarh for issuing certificates on the lines of Madhya Pradesh and the documents of the person who is applying for the certificate should be taken and not their elders. With this amendment, Scheduled Caste people in Chandigarh can also get certificates easily.
The delegation apprised the appropriate that for the verification of those who have been issued Scheduled Caste Certificate in any other state on the basis of the year 1966, the person who has to apply at present should get the verification of the person himself. Have to go round. To make this rule even simpler, he suggested that by changing the rules, why not get it verified by the department through email, correspondence and telephone through the Sub Divisional Magistrate of that area in Chandigarh and if any reply for one month If not, then that certificate should be accepted as true and the applicant should be issued without any problem.
After listening to all the above demands, the appropriate person thanked the delegation and said that a thorough study will be done about all the problems and their report will be prepared and resolved as per the need within a few days.
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