Chandigarh, 12, Feb, 2024: A 25-member board including newly appointed convener of Himachal Pradesh cell Shivendra Mandotra met Sanjay Tandon, former president of Chandigarh Pradesh BJP and co-in-charge of Himachal Pradesh BJP, today. Cell convenor Shivendra Mandotra discussed with BJP leader Sanjay Tandon regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024 and received his blessings.

BJP leader Sanjay Tandon informed the workers/leaders of his team from Himachal Pradesh about the election related strategy. Also informed him about the ‘Abheda Action Plan’, through which not only Himachal but also the people of Himachal living in Chandigarh are to be connected. He also directed to take along those Himachal residents of Tricity in the meeting who, besides being voters of Himachal Pradesh, are also serving as loyal workers of BJP.

BJP leader Sanjay Tandon and newly appointed Himachal Pradesh cell convener Shivendra Mandotra and others also discussed about holding a cluster meeting with the 14 percent Himachal people living in Chandigarh in the coming time. Also discussed about the 17 Himachal related caretaker committees of Tricity, which are working effectively in Himachal Pradesh including Chandigarh.

BJP leader Sanjay Tandon invited as chief guest

Himachal Pradesh’s newly appointed cell convenor Shivendra Mandotra said that the first election meeting will be organized in Sector-26 of Chandigarh on 18th February. He told that Himachal Pradesh BJP co-in-charge Sanjay Tandon will attend this meeting as the chief guest to guide all the workers and leaders. In this meeting, decisions will be taken regarding handing over the responsibilities to the workers/leaders for the Lok Sabha elections 2024. On this occasion, cell convener Shivendra Mandotra along with Fakir Chand, Rakesh Sharma, Mahendra Nirala, Santosh Bhardwaj, Lekh Ram and Sunita Dogra and others were present.


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