Sun nature

Devices of Surya nature will generally be of somewhat larger size and will demand greater accuracy in making calls than mobile apps. Even if there are no apps like browsing, weather, etc., there should be no interruption in the call. The mobile home screen of the people of Surya Prakriti will usually see you empty. Only one watch will be on the home screen and these people hold their mobile firmly in their hand like a sword. Even if you are sitting in a chair, if the mobile is in the hand, then it will be firmly held.

Lunar nature

White-colored mobiles are very smooth and clean in appearance. Regardless of use, their screen is constantly brightened. You will also see the backlight shining more quickly in mobile phones with lunar nature. Natives of lunar nature are more sensitive to the mobile screens, those who have a bad moon in their horoscope, their mobile screen breaks very quickly. Many times, after purchasing the mobile, a light creak soon comes on the screen, the natives of bad moon keep using the mobile of this creak screen. I have seen many of the natives that if they even fix the screen, then soon cracks come up again for some reason or the other. In such a situation, you can know whether the native’s moon is good or bad by looking at the mobile.

Mars nature

You must have seen mobiles with hardcovers and thick screen covers, such as mobiles that have been covered to protect them from any clash. Mobile marshes are of nature with sharp edges and a flat layout. Mars natures need hard-duty mobiles. Because the mobile keeps falling from their hands again and again. They also throw the mobile on the bed or couch. In such a situation, if someone saw a Nokia 1100 with a hardcover in the era of Android, then assume that the person is a martian. It is not that these people will use the old mobile-only, in the new mobile also Mars nature will know about these features first. If waterproof and scratch-proof mobiles are available, these people will buy the first bypassing the remaining features. Guerrilla Glass Mangal is like a boon for nature natives.

Mercury nature

These are the two types of people I have met. Firstly such people are completely careless about their mobile. They only talk on the phone, it is enough for them. Broken old mobile, whose screen is also badly scratched, sometimes so much that what is being displayed on the screen is not visible. These people are very choosy in the choice of mobile, once they like the mobile, they stick to it, even if it is not the mobile out of the time, they keep using it. These people will also be seen repairing their old mobiles in the mobile repairing center, many times spending more than the original price of the mobile in the repairing. The main function of their mobile remains communication. They also keep their old mobiles fixed to their ears. If you bring them a new mobile too, even then they keep a newer one in their pocket and will keep on using the old one.

                 On the other hand, Mercury has also seen such users of nature who run fast with changing technology.  They have the foremost technology mobiles available in the market, even if not expensive, but the configuration of mobiles tries to be the most advanced.  If you look at the mobiles of these natives, then most new apps will be found in it.  Apps with accountancy, business, news updates and app cracker or cheat codes will also be prominent in these people's mobiles.  Every time you meet them, you will find most of the mobile apps and even the user interface changed.  These people are also careful about their uses.  Lock your phone in a great way, even after the lock lock, there is a separate lock on the app.  So that no modification or conversation can be known by them.

Mars nature

The size of these mobile phones will be somewhat larger, it is not necessary that the size of the screen is also large, but the total body size will naturally be larger. Calling tablets to phablet and 5.5 inch range of mobiles can also be placed in this category. Along with this, these mobiles will be the most memory-storing mobiles in their region. Growing, having more battery capacity, having more memory, and having more volume of installed applications can be considered a sign of mobile of mass nature. Jats affected by the planet Jupiter will also have similar mobiles. Most of the apps in these mobiles will be social networking and most of the battery will be spent in social networking. These people do not keep the brightness of the phone screen to the maximum, but faster than normal. The theme in their mobiles will also be simple and clean. Usually, you will find photos of family or close friends in places like lock screen or mobile screen, the background of WhatsApp. These people also do not miss showing off their mobiles. If you take a new one, you will tell everyone, if you are standing in a crowd, then take out your large size mobile pocket or purse and take it in your hand. As if they are telling their status. These mobiles do not have to be expensive, but it is important to be big in size.

Venus nature

The most advanced mobile and most expensive phones in the mobile world will be of Venus’s nature. Even though the most expensive phones of one round fall in the category of the cheapest phones of the next round, but the mobiles with the most advanced configurations in any one round will be kept in the nature of Venus. Like today iPhone 7 Plus and Google phone will be considered as Venus nature. The specialty of these mobiles is that they are designed very neatly and the finishing is overwhelming. Advanced Camera, Advanced Glass, Advanced Operating System, Advanced Block Speed, Advanced RAM will be the latest gadgets overall. The people who use them are also going to keep their mobile very neatly. These mobiles are usually kept naked, in terms of performance. If luxury is there and its performance is not there, then the sense of luxury ends. In such a situation, the cover of Venus nature mobile will not be offered either, if the cover is also offered, then such a cover of leather or a special category will be installed, then it will prove to be an increase in the price of luxury. Saturn is a friend of Venus and in the field of technology, Saturn’s black color makes it unique along with Venus. In such a situation, the most liked phones in luxury phones are black, after this, the golden color will be preferred.

Saturn nature

You must have noticed that a man in the group is of high stature, low talker, whether he has an ordinary phone or his latest mobile ringtone is very slow. These are the people of Saturn and their mobile is also as calm and serious as these. This does not mean that mobile is expensive or cheap, but it is decided that the person using it will use the phone to its maximum. If there is mobile with advanced configurations, then from making calls to mobile banking, Shani’s native will use it in his phone. As long as the phone is useful, it will be fully utilized, when that phone ceases to be useful for the job of the native, the person will immediately take another phone. These people talk in slow voice on the phone, so they like clear voice speakers and mobile with the special utility of noise cancellation. If the voice tone has to be raised while talking on the mobile, then these people will either fix or replace their mobile immediately. If you take the mobile phone of these people, you will find that the screen is not busy at all, the apps which are useful for work, are frozen and the rest of the apps have been pushed aside or uninstalled. it happens. The problem of mobile batteries of these people is also relatively less because these people put the phone on charge on time and use the mobile according to the battery availability.

Rahu nature

These people are very busy people and their mobiles are just like them. Chinese phones found in the gray market, about which it is difficult to say how long will run and what facilities will be given, can be considered as Rahu-class mobiles. The Rahu nature of the people using them use the mobile in such a rough way that soon the corners of the mobile are weakened. As a result of this, the mobile clutches start appearing before they become old. Without mobile usage, BCO apps will be found useless, which are never used. These people also fill their memory cards fast and are unable to get the power to empty them back. Frequent hangouts, display variants, the app crashed mobiles fall into this category. Rahu’s natives fill their mobile internal memory and SD card so ruthlessly that the mobile hangs within a few days of purchase. Despite falling repeatedly, Rahu’s mobiles appear to be relatively clean from the outside but have deteriorated from the inside, as a result, the mobile owner is never able to use these mobiles properly or fully. In such a situation, the user of Rahu’s nature keeps trying to make the factory work again by resetting its factory again and again.

Ketu Nature

Normally the mobile is of the same color, but some mobiles are black from top and white from back or vice versa. Their corners are sharp, in a phone with metal, so sharp that it can pierce the skin. These Ketu are mobile in nature. The people who use them keep the phone low. Ketu’s natives can leave their phones anywhere or forget it. If these people put a cover on their mobile, then that cover will also be colorful. There will be no drawings but abstract design, usually a design made of two or three colors. These people consider mobile to be a headache for themselves and only when necessary do work-friendly conversations on mobile. They basically do not like their own mobile. For them, communication is somewhat painful. Avwal, these people do not take the phone of their choice and if they take it or give it to someone, then they quickly cover and cover the screen. Later, small cover marks are visible on both the cover and the screen guard.


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