Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, A)

Today you will learn from past mistakes. They will improve their behavior and prove their selfishness by speaking sweet. The members of the house will complicate Dinacharya by demanding more from the budget. Today, matters related to money will continue to run in the mind all day, yet today there will be more advancement of intellectual ability than wealth. There is a possibility of confrontation with relatives related to anything around Madhyan, today softness of nature will not increase, but mental restlessness will definitely be there. Work business will progress but will have to wait for the money. Contexts will be made outside, but can also be avoided in the end. Health will be good except for mental impulses.

Taurus (E, OO, A, O, VA, V, WU, WAY, WO)

Even today there is a possibility of bickering escaping. Today, it is very important to have tenderness in nature. You will not get into any dispute quickly, but the atmosphere will become like this, and even if you want, you will get angry. Due to economic reasons, there will be tension in the home and work area. There is a possibility of a sharp clash with the brothers over any old dispute, avoid the absurd rhetoric otherwise, the situation may be uncontrolled. New government complications are also likely to be created, keep yourself away from unethical activities. Today, women’s class should also keep their views only when it is necessary, otherwise, there may be a loss of value. Today, keep the hope of money profit low, only you will be able to extract the expenses. Health will improve but due to its own fault, the problem can be repeated. Wait for the evening for the most important tasks.

Gemini (ka, ki, ku, d, ङ, g, k, ko, ha)

Today will give you some new happiness. Money will be accidental even if there is no hope of profit. Will be serious towards work, assessment of hard work throughout the day will be satisfactory in the evening. Today, there will also be contexts that mislead your mind, the work going in the right direction will be wrong with the wrong guidance of someone, which will spoil the time to improve. Women will be apprehensive about accomplishing any work, do not lose patience and will get true success soon. Money related work will be done sooner than other days. Will be financially capable, yet the stingy attitude will further degrade at home or colleagues. The elders of the family will be upset over being ignored. Health will remain normal.

Cancer (hee, hu, hey, ho, da, dee, doo, dey, doe)

It is good to spend today’s day patiently. Do not expect to get immediate benefits after working hard. Today, the fruits of hard work will start showing from evening onwards, but there will be obstacles in the attainment, tomorrow will be a better day than today. Today, work will have to be done only with assurances. The time till mid-day will be fluctuating for business, after which we will compromise with the situation and there will be satisfaction in nature. Do not make any kind of money or any other promises, you will not be able to fulfill them. There will be criticism. A member of the house will insist on insistence which will break the peace for some time. Women will leave their work and take full advantage in the work of others, this will cause a quarrel. Body pain will be debilitating in the nervous system.

Leo(Ma, Me, Moo, May, Mo, Ta, Te, To, Te)

Today will give you some benefit or the other, but today you can do something which will be regretful for a long time. From the first part of the day to the afternoon, the rush will seem futile, yet the behavior will have to be done for the fulfillment, the time after that will provide a sudden benefit, but keep in mind that due to negligence here, the profit can also turn into a loss. Money gains hard work. Even less will be satisfactory in comparison. There will be opportunities to expand in the field of work, do not be afraid of investing money, it will be doubled in the future. The situation will be normal in the house till evening, after this, any harmful news can be found. Health will also decline.

Virgo (toe, pa, p, po, sh, n, th, pe, po)

Today your daycare will be a struggle. From the beginning of the day, the mind will be disturbed by the fear of which Rishta will be afraid to do big work due to the possibility of loss, but the daily tasks will be completed with a little delay. There is a fear of loss due to broken feet or other reasons at home or work area. Due to incomplete financial matters, there will also be a money-related problem, running expenses will also be huge. Try to return the loan from someone as soon as possible. The family will ignore you knowing your mood and friends will keep only formal behavior. The mental burden will remain throughout the day. There will be some relief from the evening onwards.

Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te)

On this day, there will be an increase in peace and happiness, but a new disorder will also form in the body. Today, your work speed will be a little slow, any work will be done only when it comes on the head, yet there will be quicker and more cleanliness than other people. After mid-day, nature will accelerate, the profit from work-business will be promising, yet there will be no satisfaction, the desire to get more will put you in trouble, work with patience. People with jobs will be happy on the completion of important work, today is the right day to remove work from the officer class. The business class will get interrupted in the remaining time from investing money. Health will also be adverse after dusk.

Scorpion (so, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, u)

Today is also a favorable day for you, you can get quick success in whatever work you put your hands on compared to other people. But lack of pragmatism or selfish attitude will also create some absence. You will not make any kind of agreement on the work area today but will spend more money than necessary to make work. There will be a delay in delay in the old work, but after the arrival of money, they will be forgotten. Colleagues or relatives will make any unethical demands from you, which will be very difficult to fulfill. The atmosphere of the house will be fine except for minor complications. Health benefits will be available.

Sagittarius(yeh, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, fa, dha, bhe)

Today will provide mixed fruit. You will be seen to be benefiting and will be disappointed the next moment You will be sure that you will behave arbitrarily at home and work area, but those in contact will face problems. While working, the mind will also be attracted towards hobbies. Today, you will not refrain from doing unethical work in the temptation, it will benefit the money quickly, as well as a new problem will also increase, which will have to suffer in the near future. Businessmen can invest in new work, it will give satisfactory results in near future. The members of the household will enjoy their work. There may be phlegm or other cold-related problems.

Capricorn(bho, ja, ji, khi, khu, kha, kho, ga, gee)

On this day, due to the hindrance in the mind work, it will be disturbed. Even physical strength will be less today, but will force it. Businessmen should pay more attention to incomplete work. Today, this is the only means to get money. Till midday, the situation will remain uncontrolled, even though you will not be able to work according to the mind, but afternoon, a little change will start, if you get help from someone, you will easily complete complicated tasks. Misbehavior done earlier will also have to be paid today. Irritating nature will remain unprovoked, only due to anger on family or coworkers, neighbors will be comforted towards you, but your behavior will remain the opposite. Stay away from greed.

Aquarius (Go, Gay, Go, Sa, Si, Soo, Se, So, Da)

Even today, the day will be in your favor, but today you will also have a lack of understanding, supporting wrong things instead of right will create ideological differences at home or outside. Today, more work will have to be done in work business and daily work, but the result will be positive. Today, you will also get cooperation without asking, you will finish your work on time, but you will stop trying to help other people, you will get taunted for ignoring domestic work. The amount of money will be certain that social behavior will be important in its reduction or increase. Health will be fine today, yet eat food on time.

Pisces (di, du, th, jh, j, de, do, cha, chi)

Today will be a little turbulent day. Today, due to wandering in two tasks at one time, you will not get the desired success. Opposite gender attraction will also be high, due to which you will not hesitate to fulfill the unreasonable demand of anyone, but remember that later on, it will also become a reason for self-aggrandizement. After mid-day, there will be the hope of profit from work business, but due to less work, it will have to be removed later. Keep in mind while wasting time, today the hard work can change the direction of life in the days to come. The family will try to mislead the public, this will later cause discord. Minor disorders will continue in health.


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