Four days ago some people had built a temple of Corona Mata in Juhi Shukulpur of Sangipur police station area. Where people started worshiping while promoting superstition.

Pratapgarh: A case of construction of a temple of Corona Mata, a village in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh has come to light. However, the administration has removed this temple. Police have detained one person and started investigation into the matter.

According to the information, three people had died due to corona virus in Shukulpur Juhi village. After this, fear and panic spread among the villagers. On this, Lokesh Srivastava of the village decided to build a temple of Corona Mata on June 7. For this, he got the Murti made by order and installed it near a neem tree near a platform in the village.

People started worshiping while promoting superstition. When the administration came to know about this, his hands swelled. The police decided to demolish it as the matter was superstitious. Sangipur police also reached the village on Friday night with JCB and destroyed the board including the idol and temple of Corona Mata.

All the debris was dumped 5 km away from the village. In the case, a brother of the accused who set up the temple is being interrogated by the police in custody. There was a discussion among people throughout the day about getting the temple demolished.

Significantly, the image of Corona Devi was realised in the form of a statue in the temple. After this the worship started here. The temple is not only for worship, but was giving the message of following the Covid-19 guideline.

A villager had said that the villagers have collectively established the temple with the belief that worshiping the deity will surely give relief to the people from the corona virus.


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