Uttarkashi: Two sadhus together have developed a natural cave in Gyanja village situated on the top of Varunavat mountain. The idol of Shri Krishna of Mahabharata period has been found in this cave. Along with this, the Shivling installed inside it has also been found.

The villagers have demanded from the tourism department for the conservation of the cave. So that it can become a center of adventure tourism including religious. Because it is located at the main stop of Panchkosi Yatra. Swami Shankar Maharaj discovered a natural cave of about 250 meters in the middle of the forests at Haruna named Tok of Gyanja village of Bhatwadi development block.

He along with the villagers went inside this cave and surveyed it. In which a stone idol of Mahabharata period Shri Krishna was found inside the cave. In which Shri Krishna is standing with a flute in his hand. At the same time, a Shivling installed inside the cave has also been found. After that, Swami Shankar Maharaj along with Vipul Swami of Jogad Village Ashram undertook the development of this cave.

To reach the cave, both the sages widened the mouth of the cave along with the stairs and also constructed a gate there. At the same time, solar lights have also been installed inside the cave. Swami Vipul told that it is mentioned in the Puranas that it was the penance place of Mahatapa Rishi during the Mahabharata period.
Area Panchayat member Tanuja Negi said that this cave is located at the main stop of Panchkosi Yatra. In this regard, he has demanded the conservation of the cave from the tourism department and the district administration. So that it can become a new center of tourism.
Because it is located just 10 km away from the district headquarter. At the same time, he has also demanded protection of the idol found in the cave from the Archaeological Department.

District Tourism Officer Jaspal Chauhan said that a cave site is being prepared for cave tourism in the district. In which this cave will also be included. There will also be an on-the-spot inspection of the cave.(HB)


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