Lord Shankara

Time is said to be the most powerful dimension. (Samay Sabse Balwaan hai) This phrase is uttered randomly to ensure the importance of time. Lord Shiva’s original name is Mahakaal. In reality, Mahakaal is not a name of a universal living being or a deity. Mahakaal means great time. Mahakaal is not a name of a being but is a dimension which is taught in physics as one of three basic dimensions. The other two dimensions are mass and position. Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) of represents the three basic dimensions of physics. Brahma is positioninng dimension, Vishnu is mass dimension, Mahakaal or Mahesh is Time dimension.

Now Shiva means “Auspicious Time”. Shankara is the one who can make your time auspicious. Shankar is the name of the universal living creature who has the attainment or technology or power of “Time”. The Name of the power of time is Mahakali.

Meditation on or worshiping the Lord Shankara or power of Shiva makes your time all auspicious. To make your time auspicious we have to make our karmas auspicious too.


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