Uttarakhand, 15 April 2024: The doors of the world famous Hemkund Sahib will be opened for pilgrims on May 25. But there is still about 15 feet of snow in Hemkund. The servants of the Gurudwara have returned from Govindghat after inspecting the place.

At the same time, army personnel will start the work of removing snow from Aastha Path from April 20 this year. Seva Singh, manager of Govindghat Gurdwara, said that on April 14, two servants had gone to inspect Hemkund Sahib. Both returned on Monday.

The servants told that there is 12 to 15 feet snow in the Dham. The sacred lake here is also completely frozen with ice.

There is a huge glacier near Atlakudi, two km before Hemkund Sahib, where a path has to be made by cutting the ice from the middle.

Hemkund Sahib always receives heavy snowfall in winter. Due to which icebergs remain scattered everywhere. Every year, before the start of the Yatra, army personnel and Gurudwara Trust servants remove snow.

This year, the army personnel will start the work of removing snow from the road from April 20. At the same time, if the weather continues to deteriorate then this time too the devotees may have to pass through icebergs.


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