The four-armed form of Lord Badrinath started emerging on the black rock, it will be seen here at the end of Kaliyuga

Chamoli: In Bhavishya Badri, one of the Panch Badri of Uttarakhand, the four-armed form of Lord Badrinath is slowly taking shape on the black rock. Earlier, even a garland of flowers did not stick on this rock, but now gradually even garlands and other adornment material have started getting stuck on the rock. Other figures are also emerging around the stone.

The ancient temple of Bhavishya Badri is situated amidst the dense forest of deodar and surai at an altitude of 2744 meters above sea level. The doors of the future Badri temple situated at the foothills of Nanda Devi mountain range are also opened for the devotees along with Badrinath Dham.

Sandeep Nautiyal of Tapovan told that earlier there was a rock figure in the temple, which is gradually changing its form. He told that he has been seeing Bhavishya Badri for the last 20 years and is continuously seeing changes in the form of the rock.

The shape of the rock is changing every year : Temple priest Laxman Singh Rawat says that the rock of the temple is changing its form every year. Along with the quadrangular form of Badrinath, other figures are emerging on the rock. Earlier the Tulsi garland did not get stuck on the stone, but now along with the garland, the makeup material has also started getting stuck. Like Badrinath Dham, here too along with Abhishek Puja, other daily pujas are performed. Most of the devotees arriving on Char Dham Yatra are also coming to visit Bhavishya Badri Temple. So far this year, around 15,000 devotees have visited the temple.

The stone of Bhavishya Badri is coated with sesame oil.Lord Vishnu is seated in Yoga posture in Badrinath Dham, while a quadrilateral form is emerging in the future Badri. Like Badrinath, in Bhavishya Badri also sesame oil is applied on the rock after the anointment every day. After this, Tulsi garland, dupatta, flower garland and sacred thread are decorated. Pandit Sandeep Nautiyal of Tapovan says that due to the lack of publicity of Bhavishya Badri temple, the number of devotees also remains less. He has appealed to the devotees coming on Chardham Yatra to visit Bhavishya Badri.

Badrinath will appear in future Badri at the end of Kalyug.Former religious leader of Badrinath Dham, Bhuvan Chandra Uniyal told that it is written in Skanda Purana of Kedarkhand that at the end of Kaliyuga, the road to Badrinath Dham will be closed, then in future Badrinath will be seen in Badri. They say that it is also written in the Puranas that as long as Lord Narasimha is present in Joshimath, one can have darshan of Badrinath. There is a popular belief that the Jai-Vijay mountains situated on the way to Badrinath Dham will merge together and become one, after which the Badrinath area will become impassable (road closed).

This is how Bhavishya Badri temple reached: The road to Bhavishya Badri starts from Tapovan Bazaar, located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Joshimath on Malari Highway. Bhavishya Badri Temple is reached by driving 13 kilometers via Ringi and Subhai villages and walking about one kilometer. There is no arrangement for accommodation and food here. There are adequate facilities for night stay and food in Tapovan and Joshimath.

This is Panchbadri: Badrinath Dham is the best Badari among the Panchbadri temples. After this, Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri, Yogdhyan Badri and Vriddha Badri temples are located in different places of Chamoli district. Adibadri is situated in Karnaprayag area, Yogdhyan Badari Pandukeshwar and Vriddha Badari temple is situated near Joshimath. Devotees also visit these temples during Chardham Yatra.


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