On May 18 , Tuesday the evening aarti of Lord kedarnath will begin with the opening doors of Lord Bhairavnath as kedarnath’s Kshetrapala. Additionally, on this auspicious day, a new golden crown on the self- proclaimed Linga of Aaradhya will also be embellished.

On the behalf of Prime minister Narendra Modi first puja was performed at Kedarnath Dham on the ocassion of reopening of temple.

Rawal Bhimashankar Linga has entrusted to the Devasthanam Board to preserve the 900 gram golden crown. Moreover, this 900 grams of golden crown was constructed by 1008 Rawal Bhimashankar Linga of Kedarnath during winter in Bangalore.

The Most special and unique thing about the crown is that Baba Kedar among the Gods and only the Rawls of Kedarnath in humans wear it.

However, on 14 may, before the departure of Baba kedar’s Doli, the golden crown was purified through havan after worshiping in the sanctum sanctorum. Nexus to this, the golden crown was decorated by Rawal himself at Panchamukhi Bhogamurthy.


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