maa parvati as adi shakti

Who is Adi Parashakti?

Devi Adi Parashakti is recognized as the energy aspect of “Nirgun” and “Nirakaar” God. It means Adi Parashakti is the phenomenon is Energy. She is an agent of dynamism or activeness, while Nirgun Brahman is inert or static. Adi Parashakti is expressed through Shakti (Adya Kali) and Shree(Maha Lalita). Adya Kali has three epithets i.e. Vidya Shakti (Co – Joint with MahaLalitambika), Brahman Shakti, and Maya Shakti. Mahalalitambika has three more epithets Vidya Shakti, Prakriti and Parashakti.

Forms of Adi Parashakti

Forms of Adi Parashakti

Vidya Shakti has ten forms, it means vidya is liberated through ten ways. Out of which five belong to Adya Kali and the other five to Mahalalitambika. Adya Kali’s vidya is liberated through Kali Vidya or Brahman Vidya, Tara or Yog Vidya, Chhinamastika or (Dakini, Yakshini, Shakini, ghor) Vidya, Dhumavati or aghor kaal Vidya, and Bhairavi or Dhyan Vidya. While Shree or Mahalalitambika is expressed through Sadoshi or Lalita or Shree Vidya, Bhuveneshwari or Sirjan Vidya, Baglamukhi or (maar mohan vashikaran) Vidya, Matangi or kaam Vidya, Kamalatmika or Lakshmi Vidya.

Adya Kali unfolds herself through Brahman Shakti and Maya Shakti, Brahman Shakti means 12 states of Adya Kali i.e. Absolute one or the ultimate objective of every soul. She is formless, yet is expressed in her delusional form which was viewed by Swami Ramkrishna Parmanhsa. She is expressed in 12 forms. When Energy which is even beyond time or Kaal, is connected to the material world then she is viewed in 12 different ways. The 12 forms are Adya Kali (Kaali of Brahma Murat), Chintamani Kali (Kali during Sunrise), Sparshamani Kali (Kali after sunrise), Santati Kali (Kali before noon), Siddhi Kali (Kali during Noon), Dakshina Kali (Kali during the afternoon), Rakta Kali (Kali before sunset), Bhadra Kali (Kali during sunset), Smashana Kali (Kali after sunset), Adharvana Bhadra Kali (kali before night), Kamakala Kali (Kali before midnight and during the night), Guhya Kali (Kali before during midnight), Hamsa Kali (Kali after midnight), Shyama Kali (Kali after night), and Kalasankarshini Kali (Kali before Brahman Muhrat). Stepping Kali on Lord Shiva’s chest from Left to Right means movement to time to bring day and night. 12 states of time (Shiva) are expressed through the 12 expressions of the same divine i.e. Adya Kali.

Adya Kali reflects three forms of Maya. They are YogMaya or Yog Nindra, Mahamaya and Maya. Yogmaya or Velocity brings an individual near Nirgun Brahman. Many people misunderstand that she is Maya of Vishnu or Krishna but it is a myth because her major role is to delude negativity and bring the “Atma” near to Nirgun Brahman. Every Saint, Guru, Yogi, and sage has blessings of Yogmaya. Yogmaya unfolds Mahamaya as seven mothers (Sapta Matrika) or eight Bhawanis (Ashta Bhawani) they are Chandi (righteousness), Chamunda, (liberation), Maheshwari (Voltage), Vaishnavi (atomic energy), Brahmani (expansion), Varahi (endurance), Narsinghni (intensity), Indrani (Sensation), Kumari (hard work). Mahamaya creates Maya or an illusion that deludes evil persons to get influenced by negative forces.

Maa Lalita as Panch Prakriti

Maha Lalitambika is expressed as a system called Param Prakriti or Lalita Tripursundari. This Param Prakriti is a supersystem composed of five forms of Prakriti. Maha Lalitambika is Lalita Tripursundari in female form and resides in Manidweepa, while Adi Parmeshwar Krishna in Gauloka is the masculine form of Goddess Lalitambika. He has four epithets Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and Mahesha who serves as four Parmeshwars in Sarvaloka Manidweepa. Raj Rajeshwari Radha Rani of Gauloka is expressed as Kameshwar or SadaShiva in Manidweepa. Lalitambika as Param Prakriti has five forms. They are Durga as Budhi Rupini, Lakshmi as Disha Rupini, Saraswati as Vak Rupini, Gayatri or Savitri as Kala Rupini, and Radha as Bhaav Rupini. The Panch Pradhan Prakritiyan resides at Gauloka with Param Purush Krishna. it means Krishna’s Budhi is Durga, Krishna’s direction is Lakshmi, Krishna’s speech is Saraswati, Krishna’s Art is Gayatri, and Krishna’s emotions or heart is Radha.

Goddess Lalitambika as Parashakti has three major forms. They are Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. Absolute Universal Change is expressed in these three forms of Energy. The three forms are Heat Energy, Light Energy, and Wavel Energy. Heat is Mahakali, Light is Mahalakshmi, and Sound/Waval Energy is Mahasaraswati.

Why Parvati is Adi Shakti?

Reading above you will realize all the goddesses are basically dynamic entities and are forms of one divine absolute energy i.e. Adi Parashakti. but how come Goddess Parvati is complete incarnation of Adi Shakti. Actually, its answer is given in the divine tale of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is great shame for we Hindus that we have not studied and researched on Goddess Parvati as much. The way Lord Krishna incarnated on earth and mapped all the data and information of Param Brahman into him and recoganized as Swayam Bhagwan, the same way Goddess Parvati attained all the all the powers, siddhi, ridhi, nidhi, vidyas, arts etc into her. She is the first female to do so. Lord Shiva was her guru who helped her attaining this. One day Parvati accidently went to the great shamshana of Kailash. When she went there she found out various paranomial energies. She asked shiva what is this. Why she is feeling this. Lord Shiva replied that these energies are stored using “Tantra”, these energies belong to you only. I have kept them secretly. These 108 forms of shakti are you only. Actually, I have taken boon from you when you took pariksha of we tridev. You incarnated in your Kali form and appeared in front us. Brahma and Vishnu got scared looking at you. But I found you most beautiful. You just gave me a boon that you will appear on earth to marry you through my Maya Shakti, who will encapsulate all the powers of mine and will become the embodiment of Brahman Shakti. You when born as daughter of Himalaya (Shailputri) was manifested as Maya Shakti, later when Narada taught you in childhood you attained the Vidya shakti, he gave you your goal of marrying me. When you did hard penance to get me as your consort, you as Brahmacharni used Bhairavi Vidya to attain the powers of Parashakti into her. Now you was having the energies of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati within you. As Chandraghanta you married me. You made my Kailash, an ascetic place a householder destination. At that time you attained the powers of Param Prakriti.

Why Parvati is Adi Shakti?

One day jokingly, I called you Kali because of your dark complexion so to acquire it, you did hard penance of Brahma. Brahma through Shree gave you divine golden skin complexion. You encapsulated Shee within you. You devoired many asuras. Now I am making you realized about your own powers. Lord Shiva showed Gauri his garland of skulls, the skulls were of previous 108 incarnations of Gauri. Now it was time to acquire the Brahman shakti.

Goddess Parvati acquired all the powers of Adi Parashakti. She attained Maya Shakti, Vidya Shakti, Prakriti Shakti, Parashakti, Shree Shakti and Brahman Shakti. Hence she became complete incarnation of Adi Parashakti.


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