World Champion Hima Das

Hima Das was born on 9 January 2000 in Dhing in Naugaon district of Assam state. Hima is from very poor family. Hima’s father’s name is Ronjit Das who is a farmer and her mother is Jomali Das, a housewife. There are a total of 16 members in his house.

Hima and her family faced a lot of troubles because flood conditions often occur in Naugaon. Due to the flood, she didn’t get time to practice racing for so many days. When Hima came to participate in a camp in the capital Guwahati in the year 2017, Nipun Das kept his eye on her. One seeing her capabilities, he became her training master who taught Hima the qualities of athlete.

After this, Nipun went to meet his parents in Hima’s village and asked them to send Hima to Guwahati for better coaching. Hima’s parents could not afford their stay in Guwahati. But they also wanted to see the daughter moving forward. In this difficult situation, only Nipun Das found a way out. He said that he will take care of her whether its her stay or food.

Initially, Hima was also fond of playing football, she used to win 100-200 rupees by playing small football matches in and nearby her village or district. Since, There was a lot of running in football, It helped Hima to maintain good stamina and also she managed to do better on the track as well.

Coach Nipun Das prepared Hima to get into athletics from football, initially got ready for 200 meters, but later realized that she will be successful in 400 meters.

Hima Das in Finland World Under-20 Championship

Hima was not even in the top three for the first 35 seconds of the race, hardly anyone would have seen her running live on the Finland track. she kept her 4th position till 300 meters. In last 100 meters, she bounced back to race with full speed and won it surprisingly. Talking about her technique, Nipun explains that Hima never uses full force in the starting of the race, in the last seconds of race she runs like cheetah and she wins in the race.

Strong, Intelligent and Simple - Hima Das
Strong, Intelligent and Simple – Hima Das

Hima Das in 18th Asian Games

18-year-old Hima created history by winning gold at the IAAF World Under-20 Championship. The entire country was also expecting her gold medal in the Asian Games and she was also its contender. But her foul in the semi-finals came as a blow to India’s hopes of winning a Gold medal. And Hima had to adjust with the silver medal in this competition. In the final race, he took a time of 50.79 seconds. Hima ran a splendid race.

Later Hima has won two golds in Poland tour, one in Poznan Athletics Grand Prix and another in Kunto Athletics Meet. She completed 200 meters in 23.65 secs and 23.97 secs respectively. She also has won three gold medals in Czech Republic tour in which two were in 200 meters and one was is 400 meters.

Hima Das is now a legend and inspire many young athletes who choose “larger than life” ambitions and willing to live upto it. We wish Hima Das on her Birthday for having a long life, healthy living and prosperous lifestyle.


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