Javelin Throw Day will be celebrated for the first time in the country. An initiative has been taken to celebrate Javelin Throw Day in the village Khandara of Panipat district of Haryana, the champion of javelin throw and Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra.
It is being organized on behalf of villagers, players and coaches. Javelin players from all over the country have been invited to the village. Haryana Athletics Federation General Secretary Rajkumar Mitan said that this initiative of the villagers, athletics coach and players of Khandara is commendable. The youth of the country will be encouraged by this and will join sports.

State level competition will be held on 7-8 August:
It has been decided to celebrate this day in Haryana on the completion of one year of Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal winning in Tokyo Olympics. Javelin Throw Day is being celebrated for the first time to encourage the youth towards the sport of Javelin Throw. On the other hand, Haryana Athletics Federation will organize the state level Javelin Throw Championship on 7th and 8th August at Karnal Stadium in Karnal.On the other hand, Javelin Throw Day will be celebrated by holding district level championship in Khandara village of Panipat.
Initiative to make youth aware: Jaglan
Neeraj Chopra’s first coach Jitendra Jaglan said that this day is being started in Neeraj’s village to make the youth of the country aware of Javelin Throw. Neeraj’s medal gave new hope to the country. This hope will be fulfilled by the coming generation. Will illuminate India’s name in the world.


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