Data, Personal Information and Phone numbers of 60 lakh Indian Facebook users was leaked and distributed online. In the history of Facebook, biggest data leak case happened where personal data of 53.30 crore Facebook users from more than 100 countries was leaked. This case isFacebook: Data and phone numbers of 60 lakh Indian users leaked. This case is contemplated as the biggest data leak case.

Most shocking thing is that all this data was available online and for free. This data leak case is on a large level that every hacker can access and store it so that they can use it later.

“The leaked personal information includes Facebook users’ birth dates, full names, bio, location and e-mail addresses. Also in many cases phone numbers are also leaked. It is feared that the leak was due to a technical weakness of Facebook in 2019”, said IT Law Expert Salman Waris. He further added that in such a situation, the data may be one and a half to two years old, yet it is considered useful because most of the information is permanent. Phone numbers and e-mails etc. also do not usually change users.


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