Meet Soubhik Das (age 21 years), who is studying Final Year Computer Engineering (Bachelor’s degree) in PES Modern College of Engineering, Shivainagar, Pune. Apart from normal engineering course, He is really interested in innovation and research for which he became a nominee for 2017’s Forbes 30 under 30. If we look at the history, it’s those significant changes that have revolutionized the planet. though he is still far away, but he has to get there, to remain right away. He keeps that in his mind always.

His first patent invention discloses an improved adhesive tape whichcomprises of a transparent tape of length 6.5 cm followed by a perforated colored strip of length 0.5 cm. Normally, while cutting a part of the tape, the end was lost. However, using this invention, one can find the end easily.The colored strips will be one beneath the other (on different layers of winding).In addition, the colored part is perforated at rear end to tear the tape by free hand.

One of his patent inventions is an innovative web browser wherein a new concept RID (Reputation ID) has been introduced. The idea works in a trend now a days that when there is load on the server, the browsers with high RID will get preference first. RID is decided by the content searched on the web over a longer span of time. This will help in classifying Internet browsers as deserving and non-deserving based on the search content in them.
Another patent (filed with his co-inventor) discloses an innovative wireless rail line technologycomprising of a bullet CCTV camera attached to the electric pole besides the railway track at a fixed place on it. It will dynamically capture videos and those videos maybe seen on the screen placed in the train and at the station. In addition, the collision between two trains can also be avoided in this manner.
Other than these, he held 7 more patent inventions.Currently He is working for Intel as Intel Student Ambassador.


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