Chattarpur, New Delhi, 19th & 20th April 2018 – Eagle Hunter Solutions Limited presented a detailed business performance graph encompassing various industry engagements and achievements the company bagged in the FY 2017-2018 during their Annual Review Conference held last week. This two-day long occasion was hosted by the Management and attended by the board members, vice-presidents, departmental heads, branch heads, and national coordinators.

The Chairman, Mr. B.R. Lohia also shared his vision and plan ahead for the year 2018-2019 focusing on un-quarreled recruitment processes while on-boarding eminently skilled manpower and parting each one with intensive, high-quality training program as a part of their client retention strategy to cut down on a number of terminations bi-annually.

Mr. Tej Lohia, the Board Member and Managing Director at Eagle Hunter Global based in the UAE, discussed of his international expansion strategies while introducing new regions tapped during 2017-2018 which are; Poland, Ghana, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Technically marking Eagle Hunter presence across the Asian, African and Gulf region.

The CEO, Mr. Ajay Lohia along with other Board Members discussed the amendments made to their internal and external business policies while introducing a new organizational structure format along with freshly formulated key departments and branches for better and streamlined functionality of their company. Eagle Hunter have showcased a phenomenal growth of 60 percent as compared to the growth accounted during the FY 2016-2017.
To this, Mr. Ajay Lohia added, “We are opening many new branches nationwide while shifting EHSL’s focus toward acquiring the business from the private sector companies, and we’re geared to work and accept record growth of 70 percent during the FY 2018-2019”.
Hence, marking EHSL’s rapid countrywide expansion.

The committee embraced the occasion to ventilate future business and growth strategies focusing on elevating their customer and business interactions with that of world-class security solutions in the country. Eagle Hunter Solutions Limited established in 1982 is known for its manned guarding service par excellence and is one of the well-established and fastest growing security services company of Indian origin with its presence across the nation.
Futuristically speaking, Eagle Hunter will be seen sharing an intercontinental presence alongside other giants of the security industry.

Having said this, Eagle Hunter have a close-knit, strong and highly experienced management panel consisting of Indian ex-servicemen who have served the nation for several years; retired from service, but continued serving the society by administering and channeling their extensive security and related experience via Eagle Hunter.

The later part of EHSL’s annual review conference 2017-2018 was facilitated by Capt. Arumugam Maruthai, Managing Director of Alert Commandos Private Limited – a subsidiary of EHSL. During his speech time, he introduced the attendees of the conference with several accolades aced by his company over the period of fourteen service years within this industry; and talked about his financial projections for the following years, encompassing business aspects of their collaboration with EHSL.

The two-day long conference was concluded with presentations from across all the departments, discussions to overcome forecasted business limitations, thoughtful alignment with company’s growth strategies and a relaxing dinner party planned for the attendees at one plush venue in the capital city.


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