Uttarakhand, 17 December 2023.
Cyber criminals have once again challenged the police. Some time ago, there was a stir in the department when the Facebook ID of Uttarakhand Police was hacked and now cyber criminals have hacked the cyber ID of Chamoli Police.

Cyber criminals hacked the official Facebook page of Chamoli Police. The picture with the police logo was removed from the Facebook page and an objectionable picture was placed there. There has been a stir in the police department since the incident.

Cyber criminals had earlier also hacked the Facebook page of Uttarakhand Police. Initially no one could understand whether this was the official page of the police or someone else had created another page. There was an obscene picture on it. Within no time there was a flood of comments on this.

People described it as an open challenge by cyber criminals to Uttarakhand Police. Some people also called it a threat to cyber security. People said that when even the social media accounts of the police are not secure then how can cyber security of common people be ensured.

Earlier criminals had also made fake ID of DGP
Last year, cyber criminals had also created WhatsApp ID in the name of DGP and commented to some people. On this, DGP’s picture was placed on the display picture. In this case, the police had raided Jamtara area of Jharkhand. Three people were arrested from here. Even after this, criminals tampered with the IDs of many other officers.


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