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Manikarnika is one of the most anticipated movies of Bollywood cinema ever that is released on 25th January 2019 in 50 languages. The film is directed by both Kangana Ranaut and Krish. It is directorial debut of Kangna Ranaut. She is playing the role of warrior queen of Jhansi “Manikarnika”. Screenplay is done by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, Prasoon Joshi. It is also starring Ankita Lokhande, Richard Keep, Danny in pivotal roles. It is also a Bollywood film debut of Ankita Lokhande in a very important role as Jhalkari Bai


The film starts with how The East India Company through various means acquired many princely states. It is how Bajirao (Suresh Oberoi) let Manu aka Manikarnika to know importance of patriotism through books, making her learn sword fencing, sports, horse riding etc. through Tantya Tope, who was also teaching his two sons (Nana Sahib and Rao Sahib). Rani was also knower of English Language. She then got a proposal of marriage from Jhansi King “Gangdhar Rao” through his Minister called Dixit. The main reason for marriage was to have a son or ‘Waris’ of Jhansi to save it from East India Company. Rani wed Gangadhar and renamed as “Laxmi Bai”.

Like her name, She gave birth to baby boy, but because of the evil interest of Gangadhar Rao’s brother Sadashiv Rao to be ruler of Jhansi, He went to play dirty politics by joining hands with Britishers and killed Rani’s baby. Gangadhar was also suffering from lethal disease. He asked Rani to handle the governance of Jhansi after his death also insisted her to adopt a son. She did exactly that and at last she removed all bad social practices of Jhansi and made a special bond with citizens of Jhansi. People also started respecting her. Later Britishers led a war against her. To know it go and watch in the theatres that how Rani fought against the huge army of Britishers.

Performance and Technical Review

The Movie is narrated by Amitab Bacchan. The Screen play was awesome though the first half was slow. The extended love folk of Rani and Gangdhar was obstructing the speed of the film. It could have been replaced by extending the last fight that how fully wounded Rani killed all the soldiers by herself. They have even not shown Channel incident and a traitor who was the main reason behind her martyr. Apart from all that, performance wise, presentation wise and story wise the film can easily become an important film in the history of Indian Cinema. Kangna is extra ordinary in the film, her direction was also upto the mark. Kangna took all the attention though veteran actors like Danny and Suresh was also good. Ankita also played her part really well in the film. She made her character of “Jhalgari Bai famous through the film.

Overall, it is a mainstream film that teaches, entertains, influences, spread patriotism in a best manner.

Rating – 3.5/5


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