After the colorful festive trains are now rushed with people. People are going back since Tuesday. There are no vacant seats in any trains for the next month. Due to the heavy waiting list for long distance trains , window reservation have created a ruckus for tickets. The brokers are taking advantage and has been charging more for instant tickets. After lockdown Railways ran trains as special trains and no travel has been banned without a confirmed ticket.

Tatkals are the only option for the people yet they are not getting tickets due to long queues . Trains including Godan Express, Utsarg Express, Tapti Ganga Express and Kafiyat Express are worried due to the same reason. In this situation people are turning to brokers for instant tickets and are getting exploited by them .

The increased traffic for train tickets is causing problems for passengers as well as for Railways. A good alternative to prevent this is yet to come .


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