Nainital, 16 December 2023.
A tiger has attacked two youths riding a bike in Hathidangar area of Ramnagar. Both the injured youths have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Another incident of tiger attack has been carried out in the Ampokhara range of Terai Western Forest Division. A tiger has pounced on two youths riding a bike near the forest post in Hathidangar. Both the youth riding the bike have been injured in this attack. Dharmesh and Jitendra Prasad, residents of Chandranagar Maldhan, have been attacked by a tiger.

It is being told that Dharmesh was driving the bike while Jitendra Prasad was sitting behind him in the bike. Suddenly the tiger that came on the road pounced on him and knocked him down. Dharmesh’s brother was coming from behind on another bike, he raised noise and then the tiger ran away from there. Injured Dharmesh and Jitendra Prasad have been admitted to the Joint Hospital. As soon as the information was received, officials of Pokhara Range also reached the hospital.


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