Dehradun : Because of Covid-19 , a complete lockdown has been imposed, while some people are openly flouting it. An institute which does not have any permission is calling its 15 to 16 employees to work in the evening and on this, even in Basant Vihar police lockdown, the institutes running under the nose of the police are also sitting in silence.

Recently, in an institute located at Anurag Chowk, the entire staff is being made to work by closing the shutters in the evening. When some electronic media personnel suddenly reached there, no permission was found with them nor was it told by the officials there that what is going on there. On reaching the spot, it was found that there is a staff of about 15 to 16 people who are being called to the office from 6.30 pm to 3.30 pm in the evening and work is being done by closing the shutters.

Surprisingly, the local police is also sitting blindly on this and is not taking any action. Even after complaining to them from the spot, no action was taken by them. Many questions arise here that when in these circumstances the shops of essential things are also closed and permission is not being given to them to open, then why is no action being taken against this institution.Even shops, including groceries, are opening two days a week, so how is this institution running every day and after that why no action is being taken against them. This raises questions not only on the police but also on the administration.


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