Pauri : Public Works Department and all the people pending compensation under PMGSY scheme will be paid soon. On Saturday, Shri Satpal Maharaj, Minister of tourism, public works, irrigation and MLA of the state, launched schemes worth crores of rupees in his Assembly constituency, chabattakhal.
Minister of tourism, public works, irrigation, culture and religion of the state, MLA Shri Satpal Maharaj on Saturday laid the foundation stone for the expansion of pipe line under sukai at a cost of 9 lakh 27 thousand in his Assembly constituency chabattakhal, as well as the demarcation of jiwai-virgada motorway at a cost of 4 crore 30 lakh 33 thousand, the foundation stone in addition to laying the foundation stone for the newly constructed motorway at a cost of Rs 1 crore 20 lakh till gram sabha Gween), lonivi Minister, chabattakhal MLA Shri Maharaj also laid the foundation stone for the works carried out by MLA fund at maithana Ghat bawansa-Rasia Mahadev motorway and kothila built with funds of Rs 5 crore 48 lakh 22 thousand. Chabattakhal MLA and cabinet minister Satpal Maharaj also directed the Public Works Department and PMGSY officials for early payment of compensation pending from the years of people’s land acquired at the time of construction of roads in various areas. Shri Maharaj asked the officials to act under the mandate and also take care of the feelings of the people. Your assembly area in crores of many schemes launched and India, along with he bra in Primary Health Centre (P.P. Under construction by the Department of Tourism.
Jaideep Rawat, a Thalassa resident at the national boxing champion ship, was delighted to receive the gold medal before addressing the local public and people’s representatives during the inauguration, foundation stone laying and inspection of various development works. Shri Maharaj said that the BJP government is engaged in development with great speed throughout the state. There have been some troubles due to covid, but now things have improved to some extent. Cabinet minister and local MLA Satpal Maharaj said that in view of the covid times, we have made a big start in providing employment to the local unemployed by shortening large contracts in the irrigation department. This on the spot with them their son says Rawat, bra BJP Mandal President Human Girl, block the major Rajesh Kandi, East Block major Darshan Singh Riga, poetry Pokhara, the prime president of the Union of small, general secretary Mukesh Pokhriyal, Rakesh Negi, http, Ved light Verma, Mahipal fatal, friendship light, Yogesh bar, Anup fatal, village head statue Devi, Dhirendra Singh, Mohan Singh, retired colonel human Negi, including irrigation, minor irrigation, PMGSY and Public Works officials were also present.


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